• Last updated: 24 Jul. 2023 17:26

NATO Video

NATO produces a variety of videos for the general public and provides broadcast-quality footage of meetings, exercises and other activities, free to download through our Multimedia Portal. Please see below for further details on both of these areas.


NATO on YouTube

A wide selection of NATO videos is available on YouTube. NATO maintains multiple channels with specialised content:

  • NATO - features a variety of stories and animations about NATO operations, military assets and the people who work every day for the Alliance.
  • NATO News - includes speeches and press conferences given by the NATO Secretary General, statements by the Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee and footage from other significant events and ceremonies.
  • NATO History - consists of short documentaries about NATO history and vintage clips produced in NATO’s early years.

NATO also has a Russian language YouTube channel:

  • NATO Russian - features a variety of NATO-related content

NATO Multimedia portal

The NATO Multimedia portal is a one-stop shop where you can browse, request and download videos from our collection free of charge.

Videos include:

  • Footage from NATO exercises, operations and other activities (B-roll)
  • Footage of VIP visits to NATO, Ministerial meetings and Summits (B-roll and international versions of press conferences, speeches and events)
  • Voiced/edited video packages
  • Animations
  • NATO press conferences and speeches

Archival NATO film collection

Providing a unique insight into the Cold War era, the archival NATO film collection includes documentaries and newsreel footage taken in the late 1940s through to the 1990s. Highlights from the collection include the signing of the North Atlantic Treaty in 1949, a documentary about how the alliance works, the Marshall Plan in action and colour footage of a divided Berlin in the 1960s. Following an extensive digitisation project commissioned by NATO, over 2000 titles of official footage are exclusively available for licensing via Imperial War Museums.

For assistance with research or information about access for use in broadcast productions, news bulletins and more, please visit:  IWM Film or contact filmcommercial@iwm.org.uk