NATO Liaison Office (NLO) Georgia


  • Last updated: 13 Sep. 2017 11:42


  • Represent NATO in Georgia
  • Facilitate political/military dialogue and practical cooperation under the NATO-Georgia Commission in support of Georgia’s efforts to join NATO.
  • Enhance civil and military cooperation between NATO and the Government of Georgia in support Euro-Atlantic integration goals described in the Annual National Plan (ANP).


  • Provide advice and assistance to the Government of Georgia in support of civilian and military reform efforts required for NATO integration.
  • Provide advice to Georgian and NATO authorities on the planning and implementation of cooperation programmes and activities.
  • Conduct liaison with Georgian, NATO, Allied and partner authorities to enhance cooperation and understanding in pursuit of the NATO/Georgia goal of Georgia becoming a full NATO member.
  • Facilitate NATO and Allied bilateral and multilateral projects, events and visits.

Current priorities

  • Strengthen Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration reform process:
    • Assist Georgia in planning and implementing the civilian and military reform goals defined in the Annual National Programme (ANP).
    • Advise and assist Georgia’s reform of the armed forces in the framework of the Partnership for Peace (PfP) Planning and Review Process.
    • Support the planning and implementation of military reforms defined in the Georgia annual Work Plan developed by Georgia and the Military Committee.
  • Enhance NATO-Georgia political and practical dialogue
    • Engage Georgian leadership at the senior and expert political and military levels.
    • Engage and inform Georgian society through intensified public diplomacy outreach to increase public awareness of NATO and NATO-Georgia relations.
  • Support transformation and democratic oversight of the defence and security sector:
    • Engage parliament and the executive regarding the armed forces.
    • Engage non-governmental organisations (NGOs) interested in defence and security oversight in order to strengthen the role of civil society in national security and defence issues.
  • Engage in public affairs
    • Highlight the work of NATO in Georgia and abroad to key stakeholders, i.e. the local population, elected officials, government officials, experts, academia etc.
    • Support local NGOs in implementing projects related to defence and security.
    • Monitor current trends and developments and report to Allies and other relevant stakeholders.

NATO programmes in Georgia

  • The fourth NATO Trust Fund project in Georgia was officially launched in May 2014. The project was completed in the fall of 2017 after clearing the site of a partially destroyed ammunition depot in Skra and providing/coordinating a number of specialist training courses to the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) company of the Georgian armed forces. The budget of the project is 1.35 million Euro and its lead nations were the Czech Republic and Lithuania.
  • In 2009, NATO and Georgia launched the Professional Development Programme (PDP) with the objective of supporting Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration aspirations. The aim of the Programme is to enhance the professional skills of key civilian officials in order to strengthen capacity for effective democratic management and oversight, and support the reform processes of the priority areas identified by the Georgian Government. In 2017, the Programme has entered its fourth and final phase of operation in Georgia to last until 2021 with the strategic directions being: (1) Support of the Georgian Government in implementing state reforms within the defence and security sector; (2) Capacity-building and individual skills development of the “Euro-Atlantic Champions”; (3) Support of the Parliament of Georgia in strengthening its role in national security and reform.  Additionally, in the last phase the Programme will aim to ensure sustainability and primarily focus on leaving lasting legacy behind.

General organizational information

  • The NATO Liaison Office was officially opened on 1 October 2010.
  • Current staff: 14
    • Head of office (NATO civilian IS staff member);
    • Deputy head of office (NATO civilian IS staff member);
    • Five national experts (seconded by the Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, Norway and Poland);
    • Local Georgian employees: head of administration, administrative assistant, organisational manager;
    • Two NATO Trust Fund Programme Managers;
    • NATO Trust Fund Programme Officer;
    • NATO Trust Fund Programme Administrative Assistant.

162 Tsinamdzgvrishvili
0112 Tbilisi
Tel: +995 (32) 293 38 01