Opening statement

by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen at the Working lunch of NATO Defence Ministers with non-NATO KFOR Contributing nations

  • 10 Jun. 2010
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Working Lunch of the North Atlantic Council (NAC) and Non-NATO KFOR Contributors - Address by NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Let me welcome the 37 Ministers and other representatives from all the countries contributing to our KFOR mission.

Over the past few months, KFOR has started its transition into a smaller, more mobile force. The first step has gone well. Today, we will look forward to the next steps, which will eventually result in a much smaller, but still robust and capable mission.

And those are the key words: robust and capable. KFOR is, must be and KFOR will remain fully capable of carrying out its responsibilities in Kosovo, even when it has completed transition to Deterrent Presence.

The situation is moving in the right direction, but KFOR is still needed, and will still be able to do its job.

Finally, this meeting should also send a signal in Kosovo and in the region. Yes, Afghanistan is NATO’s largest mission. But security in Kosovo remains vital to security in the Western Balkans, and to Europe. There should be no doubt: NATO, and our KFOR partners, will remain fully committed to peace and stability in Kosovo and the region as well.