Remarks by NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller

at the joint press point with the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö; EU High Federica Mogherini and Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende at the Kultaranta talks in Finland

  • 11 Jun. 2017 -
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  • Last updated: 12 Jun. 2017 15:04

(As delivered)

I’ll just say a quick word because Minister Brende has already said what I wanted to say about EU and NATO being a partnership of cooperation and not competition. But one of the things that has struck me about this current period is just that the publics across Europe have had a bit of a crisis of confidence in institutions being able to provide for security and defence and therefore I agree with Federica Mogherini that these two great institutions, the EU and NATO, need to work together again as they can.

They are the representatives in the international arena of the rule of international law; working together they can be a powerful force to again build public confidence but we have to build public confidence by really producing results on behalf of security and defence and I do believe that working together in cooperation rather in, than in any continuing duplication, which has been a problem across the years inside the EU. 

We discussed this just the other day in Prague, the necessity of moving forward with better ways of figuring out what technologies, military technologies to acquire and that type of thing. But dealing with duplication, building up more positive ways of, of cooperating together that we can indeed deliver security and defence on behalf of the publics and that will be a big confidence raiser across those populations who have been concerned in this matter.