Norway supports Smart Defence through Building Integrity

  • 03 Feb. 2012 -
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  • Last updated: 03 Feb. 2012 11:30

Meeting at NATO Headquarters on 3 February, the Norwegian Minister of Defence Espen Barth Eide underlined the importance of building smart institutions to support smart defence. ”In today’s economic climate it’s all about spending smarter. Smart defence relies on smart institutions. The Building Integrity Initiative is a good example of what we can achieve by working together to make defence institutions and forces accountable, transparent and better able to serve the people,” he said.

The Minister stressed that words must be backed up by actions, such as promoting good practices and developing practical tools to help nations reduce the risk of corruption. The Minister also highlighted Norway’s role as one of the lead nations for the Building Integrity Initiative.

The Building Integrity Initiative provides tailored support to Afghanistan and nations of southeastern Europe. Practical support also includes the Building Integrity Self-Assessment and Peer Review. The survey provides a snapshot of current practices in the Ministry, showing both the strengths and room for improvement. The Peer Review, which is conducted with experts, provides an independent analysis to help identify good practices and to offer advice on practical measures. This contributes to reducing the risk of corruption in the defence sector and therefore better value for money.

The Building Integrity Self-Assessment and Peer Review is open to all nations. Norway was among the first to complete the process and is encouraging others to do the same.