''The NATO Chronicles'' take a new look at the Alliance

  • 20 Oct. 2010 -
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  • Last updated: 09 Apr. 2013 17:19

“The NATO Chronicles” are five documentaries and a web documentary that take viewers to the heart of the Alliance’s missions. With a rigorous journalistic approach, the stories throw new light on programmes and initiatives that are little-known to the public. Combating piracy, air surveillance, energy security and scientific cooperation – the NATO Chronicles introduce you to people in the Alliance, civilians and servicemen and women, who are working to make this world a safer place.

The project is a key component of NATO’s Public Diplomacy efforts in the run up to the Lisbon Summit on 19 and 20 November. At the Summit, Allies should approve NATO’s new Strategic Concept among other things.

Five portraits, five NATO projects

Avoiding clichés and preconceived ideas, but focusing on day-to-day events with a human face, the NATO Chronicles let the men and women on the scene tell us about:

  • Combating piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Somali Basin;
  • NATO’s contribution to the energy security of member and partner nations through its network of pipelines;
  • How NATO supports Afghan students by providing universities with high-speed internet connections;
  • New anti-terrorist air surveillance arrangements embracing Russia and neighbouring NATO countries; and
  • Research programmes that are developing ecological agricultural systems in Georgia and promoting cooperation among Georgian, Armenian and Azeri scientists and farmers.

Media tools

On the natochronicles.org website, the following will be available on request, in French and English: a preview of the images, the shot lists, the transcripts, the five documentaries, the international versions, the B-rolls and the portfolio.

The video documentaries will also be disseminated on natochannel.tv, DVIDS and Web 2.0 platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.