NATO comes to the Washington Metro

  • 23 Mar. 2009 - 19 Apr. 2009
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  • Last updated: 25 Mar. 2009 19:01

Marking its 60th Anniversary Summit, NATO spotlights Allied efforts in Afghanistan through a campaign in the capital where the North Atlantic Treaty was signed to found the organization.

NATO will run a display campaign in the Washington, D.C., Metro system from Monday, March 23, through April 19, coinciding with the 60th Anniversary Summit jointly hosted by France and Germany in Strasbourg and Kehl. 

The 20”x21” displays will run inside the Washington Metro cars where they will be visible to tens of thousands of commuters and tourists daily.

The displays use powerful, intimate photographs to illustrate the diverse missions performed by Allies and Afghans in support of the security mission in the country.  They include Spanish tactical air controllers, British Royal Marine Commandos, Afghan National Army and Police, Lithuanian civil affairs teams and French paratroopers, among others.