NATO train journeys through South-Eastern Europe

  • 09 Dec. 2008 - 11 Dec. 2008
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  • Last updated: 12 Jan. 2009 15:48

The NATO train undertook its second journey across South-Eastern Europe, on the route of the famous Orient Express, to carry out the message that there are no borders when it comes to security and cooperation.

Lectures and discussions are held during the 31-hour long trip.

Known as the GLOBSEC Express, the NATO train started running in 2007 with the aim of informally gathering young people from Central and southeastern Europe to discuss the importance of Euro-Atlantic integration and NATO’s role in security provision.

The train departed on 9 December from Zagreb, Croatia, and arrived in Istanbul, Turkey, after a 31-hour long journey through Serbia and Bulgaria.

Aboard the train, thirty young participants from Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia1, Greece, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey, discussed with NATO experts about the Alliance’s transformation in the run-up to its 60th anniversary, and exchanged views about the Euro-Atlantic future of the region.

The programme continued in Istanbul with another NATO-sponsored event, the South Eastern Europe Youth Forum and the second year of Greek-Turkish Youth Initiative.

1. Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.