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04 Jun. 2014 140604b-001.jpg - Meetings of the Defence Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels - Meeting of the NATO-Georgia Commission (NGC), 54.04KB

NATO-Georgia Commission discusses Ukraine crisis, Georgia’s progress on reforms

NATO Defence Ministers met with their Georgian counterpart, Irakli Alasania, on Wednesday (4 June) to discuss the regional implications of Russia’s illegal aggression against Ukraine and to review Georgia’s progress in reforming its defence sector. “NATO Allies do not, and will not, recognise Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea,” NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said.
04 Jun. 2014 140604-juan-de-borbon-counterpiracy.jpg - 140604-juan-de-borbon-counterpiracy.jpg, 53.02KB

NATO Defence Ministers decide to extend NATO’s counter-piracy mission until 2016

NATO Defence Ministers on Tuesday (3 June) decided to extend NATO’s counter-piracy operation Ocean Shield until the end of 2016.
04 Jun. 2014 140604c-006.jpg - Meetings of the Defence Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels - Meeting of the North Atlantic Council with non-ISAF Contributing Nations, 68.81KB

ISAF Defence Ministers discuss 2014 mission, election preparations

NATO Defence Ministers and their counterparts from ISAF partner nations met with Afghan Defence Minister Bismullah Khan Mohammadi on Wednesday (4 June 2014) to review progress in the ISAF mission and preparations for the second round of Afghan presidential elections. “The Afghan security forces did an outstanding job in securing the first round of presidential elections in April. The Afghan people showed great courage by turning out to vote in millions. Every single vote cast was a victory for democracy, and for Afghanistan,” NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said after the meeting.
03 Jun. 2014 140603f-017.jpg - Meetings of the Defence Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels - Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC), 81.68KB

NATO steps up collective defence, support for reforms in Ukraine

NATO Defence Ministers on Tuesday (3 June 2014) agreed to continue and further reinforce NATO’s reassurance measures in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine crisis. “This is a time for all Allies to play a part, and all Allies are doing so”, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said. “Every single Ally is committing resources to our collective defence. When we say NATO’s defence is “all for one”, we mean it.”
03 Jun. 2014 140603a-002.jpg - Meetings of the Defence Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels - Arrival and doorstep statement by NATO Secretary General, 65.67KB

NATO Defence Ministers discuss collective defence, Summit priorities

NATO Defence Ministers will review collective defence measures in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine crisis and discuss preparations for the NATO Summit in Wales, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said at the start of the two-day Ministerial on Tuesday (3 June 2014). “We are facing a new security landscape because of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine”, the NATO Secretary General said. “We have already taken immediate steps. In a strong show of solidarity, every single Ally, from both sides of the Atlantic, contributes to bolstering our collective defence, including deployment of ships, aircraft and troops. It really is all for one and one for all”, Mr Fogh Rasmussen added.
03 Jun. 2014 120928a-002.jpg - Cyberdefence, Key trends and Statistics, 56.58KB

Strengthening cyber defence in Estonia

Cyber defence topped the agenda at a NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) information day held in Tallinn, Estonia on 3 June. The event provided an opportunity for more than 50 scientists and experts from the region to explore new ways to address emerging security challenges with emphasis on cyber defence.
02 Jun. 2014 nato-sg-afr-207.jpg - NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, 52.70KB

Secretary General sets out NATO’s position on Russia-Ukraine crisis

The NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen met on Monday (2 June) a group of Russian journalists after the Ambassadorial meeting of the NATO-Russia Council and before the meeting of the NATO Defence Ministers. He presented NATO’s position on Russian actions in and around Ukraine in the following statement.
02 Jun. 2014 100415a-HQ28-005 NATO Headquarters Brussels., 74.38KB

Defence Ministers to focus on collective defence, Wales Summit

Collective defence and preparations for the NATO Wales Summit in September will be in the spotlight at a two-day meeting of defence ministers which begins on Tuesday (3 June). Ministers will also meet with their Ukrainian and Georgian counterparts and discuss the ISAF mission in Afghanistan with ISAF contributors and the Afghan defence minister.
02 Jun. 2014 140602-sps-malta1.jpg - 140602-sps-malta1.jpg, 34.77KB

Enhancing border security in the Mediterranean region

The Mediterranean basin is a crossroads for people, goods and ideas from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. But it is also an area that has witnessed marked social and political change in recent years.

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