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22 Sep. 2023 230922-iban-lepers.jpg, 24.07KB

Nomination of new IBAN Board Member, Mr Sébastien Lepers

Sébastien Lepers, born in 1973 in Nouméa, New Caledonia (France), was appointed by the North Atlantic Council to the NATO International Board of Auditors (IBAN) as a Board Member for four years from 1 August 2023.
22 Sep. 2023 230922-NATO-EU-cyber.jpg, 97.76KB

NATO and the European Union meet to discuss deepening cooperation on cyber defence

Senior officials from NATO and the European Union met on Friday (22 September 2023) to discuss challenges and further cooperation in the cyber domain.
22 Sep. 2023 230922-drone2.jpg, 95.69KB

NATO tests counter-drone technologies during exercise

From 12 to 22 September 2023, over 300 participants from 15 Allied and three partner nations, the European Union and the private sector gathered in the Netherlands to increase their ability to counter potential threats posed by the malign use of small drones.
22 Sep. 2023 230922-air-policing.jpg, 31.05KB

US F-16 jets arrive in Romania for NATO air policing

Four U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter jets arrived at Fetesti Air Base in Romania on September 22, 2023 to further enhance NATO air policing in the Black Sea region.
22 Sep. 2023 230922-ims-bih.jpg - Director General of the NATO International Military staff visits Bosnia and Herzegovina, 54.19KB

Director General of the NATO International Military staff visits Bosnia and Herzegovina

From the 21st to 22nd September 2023, the Director General of the NATO International Military (DGIMS), Lieutenant General Janusz Adamczak was in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he met with the Chief of Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Minister of Defence as well as various senior military and political high-level officials. The visit was a welcomed opportunity to discuss a stronger partnership between NATO and Bosnia Herzegovina, as well as the security priorities in the Western Balkans, in particular against the backdrop of the most complex and unpredictable security environment since the end of the Cold War.
21 Sep. 2023 230921-feps.jpg, 83.25KB

NATO Deputy Secretary General: democracies should stand united to defend the multilateral global order

Speaking at the Foundation for European Progressive Studies’ (FEPS) Annual Autumn Academy on Wednesday (20 September 2023), Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană emphasised the importance of defending democratic values against challenges to the rules-based international order.
21 Sep. 2023 230919-sg-cfr.jpg, 34.97KB

NATO Secretary General in New York: supporting Ukraine is in our security interest

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg participated in the Russell C. Leffingwell Lecture at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York on Thursday (21 September 2023). In his conversation with former US Representative Jane Harman, Mr Stoltenberg highlighted that his main message at the UN General Assembly was the importance of maintaining strong support for Ukraine.
21 Sep. 2023 230921-DCMC-farewell.jpg, 46.14KB

NATO Military Committee farewells Deputy Chair, Lieutenant General Lance Landrum

On Thursday 21 September, the NATO Military Committee bid farewell to Lieutenant General Lance Landrum, who served as the 23rd Deputy Chair of the NATO Military Committee since October 11, 2021.
21 Sep. 2023 230921-dsg-cervo.jpg, 50.73KB

NATO Deputy Secretary General at CEVRO Institute: if President Putin wins, we all lose

NATO Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană sent a strong message of support to Ukraine for as long as it takes, adding that a win for President Putin in Ukraine would send the wrong message to other authoritarian leaders and undermine the rules-based international order.
20 Sep. 2023 230920-sps-sp.jpg, 35.21KB

NATO and Spain engage in practical cooperation on science

NATO experts and researchers from across Spain gathered in Madrid on 13 September 2023 to explore opportunities for scientific cooperation under the Alliance’s Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme. The Information Day, which was organised in cooperation with Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation; the Ministry of Science and Innovation; and the Ministry of Defence, aimed to highlight the achievements of SPS projects in which Spain has participated and facilitate the launch of new research and development activities.

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