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18 Dec. 2009 091217-sda.jpg, 61.73KB

Experts debate credit crunch effects on NATO and new security environment

The global economic downturn’s impact on the defence budgets and military operations of NATO member states were discussed at the international conference “NATO, the Credit Crunch and the New Security Environment” in Brussels on 17 December 2009.
19 Oct. 2009 091016a-005 Strategic Concept Seminar 1 : NATO's Fundamental Security Tasks, Luxembourg, 16th October 2009, 55.27KB

Highlights from the first Strategic Concept seminar in Luxembourg

The first Strategic Concept seminar took place in Luxembourg on 16 October, led by Dr Madeleine K. Albright, chair of the Group of Experts, and Vice Chair Jeroen van der Veer. The meeting was addressed by Jean Asselborn, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg; Jean-Marie Halsdorf, Minister of Defence of Luxembourg; and the NATO Deputy Secretary General, Ambassador Claudio Bisogniero. All members of the Group of Experts participated in the discussions.
04 Sep. 2009 090904-stratcon-croatia2.jpg, 50.43KB

Southeastern Europe discusses NATO's new Strategic Concept

Senior policymakers and experts from the Western Balkans met in Slano, Croatia, from 3-5 September to discuss NATO’s new Strategic Concept from their perspective. The event took place in parallel with NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s introduction of the group of experts on the new Concept to the North Atlantic Council on 4 September in Brussels.
19 May. 2010 b100515-4.jpg, 168.91KB

Military Committee Chairman highlights military contribution to NATO’s new Strategic Concept

During an official visit to Romania on 15 May, Chairman of the Military Committee Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola discussed among other things the contribution the military has thus far provided to the development of NATO’s new Strategic Concept. He also addressed a large audience at the National Defence College.
16 Apr. 2010 100416-tallinn_nato_day.jpg, 37.71KB

Tallinn hosts 'NATO Day'

A week before NATO Foreign Ministers meet in Tallinn, local residents and guests were invited on 16 April to spend a day discussing and learning about NATO as well as Estonia’s political and military contribution to the Alliance.
10 Nov. 2010 100702a-014 NATO Secretary General visits Lisbon, 70.58KB

NATO set to announce a new mission statement in Lisbon

The NATO Spokesman, James Appathurai, provided the Brussels-based press corps with a preview of the NATO Summit to be held in Lisbon next week. He particularly addressed the new Strategic Concept expected to be endorsed by the Alliance Heads of State and Government.
10 Nov. 2009 091112-stratcon-babst.jpg, 9.93KB

Experts to debate NATO’s engagement in live video session - 12 Nov. 2009

On 12 November at 16:00 CET, NATO experts will discuss your comments and questions on “NATO’s Engagement in an Era of Globalization” in a live online video session.
04 Mar. 2010 100304a-006 NATO's new Strategic Concept - Seminar on comprehensive approach to crisis management, 62.30KB

Helsinki NATO event seeks to improve cooperation in crisis management

On 4 March, Finland and Sweden are hosting the seminar “NATO’s New Strategic Concept – Comprehensive Approach to Crisis Management” in Helsinki to discuss ways of enhancing cooperation between NATO and other international actors to improve crisis management.
30 Nov. 2009 091130-sofia.jpg, 55.17KB

Sofia conference debates new transatlantic strategy

On 30 November and 1 December, the Centre for SouthEast European Studies in Sofia, Bulgaria, held a conference entitled “Towards a New Transatlantic Strategy for the Wider Black Sea Region” in conjunction with the country’s George C. Marshall Center Alumni Association.
14 Oct. 2009 091014-ata-kiev.jpg, 52.34KB

Atlantic Treaty Association in Kyiv discusses new Strategic Concept

From 7 to 10 October, delegates attending the Atlantic Treaty Association's (ATA) 55th General Assembly in Kyiv, Ukraine, debated issues around enlargement and partnerships, Afghanistan and NATO's new Strategic Concept.

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