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18 Jan. 2022 220118-airpolicing.jpg, 42.16KB

Denmark renews its contribution to NATO's Air Policing in the Baltic region

Denmark is preparing four of its F-16 fighter jets for a new deployment to Lithuania in support of NATO's enhanced Air Policing mission in the Baltic States.
12 Jan. 2022 220112a-027.jpg - Meeting of the NATO-Russia Council at NATO Headquarters in Burssels, 81.02KB

NATO-Russia Council meets in Brussels

The NATO-Russia Council, which brings together all 30 NATO Allies and Russia, met in Brussels on Wednesday (12 January 2022) to discuss the situation in and around Ukraine, and the implications for European security.
07 Jan. 2022 220207a-011.jpg - Meeting of the North Atlantic Council - Extraordinary meeting of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Brussels, 131.09KB

NATO Foreign Ministers address Russia's military build-up in and around Ukraine

NATO Foreign Ministers held an extraordinary virtual meeting on Friday (7 January 2022) to discuss Russia’s continued military build-up in and around Ukraine, and the implications for European security.
16 Dec. 2021 211118-flags-hq.jpg, 69.95KB

Statement by the North Atlantic Council on the situation in and around Ukraine

We are gravely concerned by the substantial, unprovoked, and unjustified Russian military build-up on the borders of Ukraine in recent months, and reject the false Russian claims of Ukrainian and NATO provocations. We call on Russia to immediately de-escalate, pursue diplomatic channels, and abide by its international commitments on transparency of military activities.
25 Nov. 2021 211125a-005.jpg - Meeting of the President of Poland with NATO Secretary General, 124.60KB

NATO Secretary General and Polish President address Belarus, Russian build-up near Ukraine

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and President Andrzej Duda of Poland met at NATO Headquarters on Thursday (25 November 2021) to address current security challenges.
19 Nov. 2021 211118-flags-hq.jpg, 69.42KB

Statement by the North Atlantic Council on the recent anti-satellite missile test conducted by the Russian Federation

19 Nov. 2021 211119-sg-merkel.jpg, 53.72KB

NATO Secretary General discusses Belarus, Russia, with Chancellor Merkel

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is meeting Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Friday (19 November 2021) for talks on current security challenges and further strengthening NATO.
21 Oct. 2021 211021-nac.jpg - NATO Headquarters, Brussels, 66.06KB

NATO Defence Ministers address key issues for Allied security

On Thursday (21 October 2021) NATO Defence Ministers discussed how to further strengthen the Alliance’s deterrence and defence, continuing NATO’s adaption to a more complex and competitive world. Ministers endorsed a new overarching plan to defend the Alliance in crisis and conflict. This will make sure NATO continues to have the right forces and capabilities, at the right place and at the right time, to protect our one billion people from any threat.
14 Jun. 2021 210614i-008.jpg - Meeting of the North Atlantic Council at the level of Heads of State and Government, 92.62KB

NATO leaders agree NATO 2030 reform agenda, discuss Russia, China

NATO Heads of State and Government on Monday (14 June) agreed a set of proposals under the NATO 2030 banner, covering a range of issues, including the protection of critical infrastructure, promoting innovation, boosting partnerships, and making the fight against climate change an important task for NATO for the first time.
22 Apr. 2021 210422-czech-nato.jpg, 59.01KB

North Atlantic Council statement in solidarity with the Czech Republic

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