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01 Feb. 2023 230201-georgia-nato-flags-on-blue.jpg, 68.98KB

NATO Military Committee discusses NATO-Georgia military cooperation

On 30 January 2023, the NATO Military Committee discussed the military cooperation between NATO and Georgia. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the current security situation in and around Georgia, its security sector development, its contributions to NATO-led missions and operations, and the maritime security in the Black Sea context.
31 Jan. 2023 230125-comeds.jpg, 74.23KB

NATO’S Allied Rapid Reaction Corps hosts specialised medical exercise

On the 25th Jan 2023, NATO’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) hosted a NATO Medical table top exercise, on behalf of the Chair of the NATO Committee of Chiefs of Military Medical Services (COMEDS) and UK Surgeon General, Major General Tim Hodgetts, bringing together representatives from the Defence Medical Services of ten Nations and the UK.
24 Jan. 2023 230124-ims-ncb.JPG - NATO Charity Bazaar, 64.64KB

NATO military leadership commends NATO Charity Bazaar for another great fundraising season

On 24 January 2023, NATO HQ hosted the NATO Charity Bazaar’s donation ceremony. Through a variety of activities, the 2022 edition of the NATO Charity Bazaar raised almost €188,000. Participants in attendance included the Chair of the NATO Military, Admiral Rob Bauer and the Director General of the NATO International Military Staff, Lieutenant General Janusz Adamczak, representatives from participating Nations, board members as well selected Belgian and International charities, who will be receiving donations to support their projects.
24 Jan. 2023 230124-ims-genad1.jpg, 63.42KB

Deep Dive Recap: Children and Armed Conflict and the Gender Perspective

On the 17th January 2023, the NATO International Military Staff Office of the Gender Advisor (GENAD) hosted its eighth Deep Dive Session, this time focused on Children and Armed Conflict (CAAC) and the Gender Perspective. The session highlighted NATO’s role in addressing CAAC while integrating a Gender Perspective, along with the military challenges to consider when addressing violations against girls and boys in a conflict setting.
23 Jan. 2023 230120b-001.jpg - Official visit to Portugal, 20-23 January 2023, 56.84KB

Chair of the NATO Military Committee commends Portugal for its global security vision

From 20 to 23 January 2023, the Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer was in Portugal, at the invitation of the Portuguese Chief of Defence, Admiral António Silva Ribeiro. During the visit, Admiral Bauer attended a military ceremony, with Admiral Silva Ribeiro, before heading to the Joint Command for Military Operations. He also met with the Portuguese Minister of Defence, Mrs Helena Carreiras.
19 Jan. 2023 230118c-001.jpg - Session DSG - NATO Chiefs of Defence Meeting, 126.77KB

NATO military leadership addresses new era of collective defence

On 18 and 19 January 2023, the NATO Military Committee, joined by Invitees Finland and Sweden, met in Chiefs of Defence format in Brussels. The Chiefs of Defence discussed the strengthening of the Defence and Deterrence posture of the Alliance by increasing readiness, developing capabilities and interlinking national and NATO military planning more closely than ever.
19 Jan. 2023 230119-invictus.jpg, 76.04KB

NATO hosts Belgian and Dutch Invictus teams

On 19 January 2023, on the sidelines of the NATO Chiefs of Defence meeting, NATO hosted members of the Belgian and Dutch Invictus teams for a friendly game of sitting volleyball. This was part of an initiative to help build awareness for the Invictus Games Foundation, which promotes the use of sports to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding and respect for wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women.
18 Jan. 2023 230118h-008.jpg - Group photo - NATO Chiefs of Defence Meeting , 96.69KB

NATO Chiefs of Defence meet in Brussels

The Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, and the NATO Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Mircea Geoană, opened the first meeting of the NATO Military Committee in Chiefs of Defence Session of 2023 on Wednesday 18 January 2023. This meeting brings together the Allied Chiefs of Defence and their counterparts from Invitees Finland and Sweden.
12 Dec. 2022 221213-ims-ncia.jpg, 98.28KB

The NATO Military Committee visits the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency)

On 12 December 2022, the NATO Military Committee visited the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) in The Hague, Netherlands. During the visit, the Military Committee were briefed on current and future NCI Agency work and challenges.
09 Dec. 2022 221209-ims-fam-progr.JPG - familiarisation programme., 64.99KB

NATO’s bi-annual Familiarization Programme testifies to increased importance of Allies’ engagement with Partners

From 7 to 16 December 2022, NATO hosts military personnel from 20 Partner Nations for its bi-annual Familiarization Programme. The 8-day event, jointly organised by NATO Military Cooperative Security Division and SHAPE’s Partnership Directorate Military Cooperation Division, introduces Partner representatives to NATO’s Partnership frameworks, delving into the Alliance’s outreach programmes and activities.

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