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12 Dec. 2019 191212a-005.jpg - The Prime Minister of Bulgaria visits NATO, 51.35KB

Secretary General praises Bulgaria’s contributions to Euro-Atlantic security on fifteenth anniversary of NATO membership

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg praised Bulgaria’s contributions to collective security in a meeting with Prime Minister Boyko Borissov at NATO Headquarters on Thursday (12 December 2019). “This year we celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of Bulgaria joining this Alliance; and we are so grateful for your support to different NATO missions and operations,” said Mr. Stoltenberg. The Secretary General welcomed Bulgaria’s troop deployments in Afghanistan and Kosovo, as well as the country’s strong support for Black Sea security, and for enhancing peace and stability in the Western Balkans.
11 Dec. 2019 191211-msap.jpg - 191211-msap.jpg , 21.98KB

Multinational Special Operations Aviation training centre opens in Croatia

Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia jointly opened the Multinational Special Aviation Programme at a ceremony in Zadar, Croatia on Wednesday (11 December 2019). The training centre is dedicated to training air crews responsible for transporting Special Operations Forces.
06 Dec. 2019 191204-musi.jpg - 191204-musi.jpg , 43.79KB

NATO experts discuss unmanned underwater warfare trends

More than 230 representatives from Allied nations, NATO staffs and the defence industry gathered at NATO headquarters for a three day symposium (4-5 December 2019) to address the latest trends in unmanned underwater warfare. Organised by NATO’s Maritime Unmanned Systems Initiative – or MUSI – experts focused on operational challenges in the maritime domain and the latest technological developments in unmanned underwater systems. Industry partners also displayed many of their latest innovative systems and technology.
10 Dec. 2019 191210a-deep1.jpg - 191210a-deep1.jpg, 34.83KB

Another milestone in enhancing defence education in Afghanistan

The 2019 Executive Senior Leaders’ Seminar (ESLS) took place at SHAPE and at NATO Headquarters from 24 to 29 November. Fourteen executive-level officials and practitioners representing Afghanistan’s defence sector ministries participated. This year, for the first time, three women delegates took part and gender integration in defence and society was one of the subjects on the agenda.
09 Dec. 2019 20191209_191209a-001.jpg , 59.56KB

NATO Secretary General holds first meeting with EU High Representative

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met with the new EU High Representative Josep Borrell at the headquarters of the European External Action Service in Brussels on Monday (9 December 2019). The meeting took place during Mr. Borrell’s first week in office. “This underlines the importance of NATO-EU cooperation,” said the Secretary General.
04 Dec. 2019 191204-leaders-london2.jpg, 73.86KB

Secretary General: as the world changes, NATO will continue to change

The NATO leaders’ meeting marking the 70th anniversary of the Alliance wrapped up in London on Wednesday (4 December 2019). After the working session, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said: “Our meeting has once again demonstrated that NATO remains the only place where Europe and North America discuss, decide and act every day together on strategic issues that concern our shared security”.
04 Dec. 2019 191204e-005.jpg - NATO Leaders Meeting, London - Family portrait with ceremony for the 70th anniversary, 72.98KB

Meeting of NATO leaders gets underway

Heads of State and Government from all NATO Allies, plus invitee North Macedonia, are meeting in London on Wednesday (4 December 2019). Leaders are meeting to mark the 70th anniversary of the Alliance, and are expected to take a range of decisions to adapt NATO for the future.
04 Dec. 2019 191204a-007.jpg - NATO Leaders Meeting, London - Doorstep statement by the NATO Secretary General, 63.77KB

Secretary General: NATO is strong and continues to adapt for the future

NATO leaders are meeting in London on Wednesday (4 December 2019) to mark the 70th anniversary of the Alliance, and take decisions to adapt for the future.
03 Dec. 2019 191203e-001.jpg - Reception hosted by Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - NATO Leaders' Meeting , 85.89KB

Leaders celebrate NATO’s 70th anniversary at Buckingham Palace reception

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II welcomed NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and the leaders of the Alliance’s 29 member countries to London at a Buckingham Palace reception on Tuesday evening (3 December 2019). The event comes ahead of Wednesday’s meeting of NATO leaders, where Allies are expected to take decisions to further strengthen and modernise the Alliance.
03 Dec. 2019 191203-dsg-engages1.jpg - 191203-dsg-engages1.jpg, 50.96KB

NATO Deputy Secretary General speaks at NATO Engages: Innovating the Alliance

“What we are bringing to this Alliance is a sense of urgency to stay true to our values and not be deterred by the world which is changing so rapidly,” Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană said.

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