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NATO Deputy Secretary General speaks at NATO Engages: Innovating the Alliance

“What we are bringing to this Alliance is a sense of urgency to stay true to our values and not be deterred by the world which is changing so rapidly,” Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană said.
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Secretary General sets the scene for leaders’ meeting at NATO Engages

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg set out the key topics and themes for the London meeting of NATO leaders at a special event on Tuesday (3 December 2019). Speaking at NATO Engages: Innovating the Alliance, Mr. Stoltenberg highlighted that throughout its history, NATO has continued to adapt to a changing world.
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NATO Secretary General meets President Trump ahead of Leaders’ Meeting

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met with President Trump at Winfield House in London ahead of the Meeting of NATO Leaders on Tuesday (3 December 2019).
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NATO leaders gather in London to mark the 70th anniversary of the Alliance

Allied Heads of State and Government are gathering in London on Tuesday (3 December 2019) to commemorate the 70th anniversary of NATO. In 1949, the United Kingdom was one of NATO’s twelve founding members and London was the home of NATO’s first headquarters. Leaders will take decisions to further strengthen the Alliance and continue its adaptation. This evening, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will host a reception for NATO leaders at Buckingham Palace.
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17th NATO Mediterranean Dialogue Intelligence Experts’ meeting

On 25-27 November 2019, the 17th NATO Mediterranean Dialogue Intelligence Experts’ Meeting, co-hosted by Major General Escribano, Deputy Assistant Secretary General (DASG) for NATO’s Joint Intelligence and Security Division and Admiral Kulla of JFC Naples took place at the JFC Naples with representatives from the Mediterranean Partners.
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The 49th NATO Defense College academic advisory board meeting

On 28 and 29 November 2019, the NATO Defense College (NDC) Academic Advisory Board convened its 49th annual meeting at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The AAB aims to advise the Commandant on ways in which to improve the academic, research and outreach activities of the College, to enhance links with NATO HQ and Allied Command Transformation, and to ensure that NDC outreach strategies contribute to those of the Alliance.
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NATO’s adaptation to the unpredictable security environment: progress report 2018-2019

The Alliance is facing the most complex and unpredictable security environment since the end of the Cold War: with growing geo-political challenges, more sophisticated and disruptive cyber and hybrid threats, and exponential technological change rapidly transforming the way wars are fought and won.
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NATO Secretary General announces increased defence spending by Allies

Ahead of the meeting of NATO Leaders in London to mark the Alliance’s 70th anniversary, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Friday (29 November 2019) gave details of large increases in Allied defence spending. Mr. Stoltenberg announced that in 2019 defence spending across European Allies and Canada increased in real terms by 4.6 %, making this the fifth consecutive year of growth. He also revealed that by the end of 2020, those Allies will have invested $130 billion more since 2016. Based on the latest estimates, the accumulated increase in defence spending by the end of 2024 will be $400 billion. Mr. Stoltenberg said: “This is unprecedented progress and it is making NATO stronger.’
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Defence Expenditure of NATO Countries (2013-2019)

NATO collects defence expenditure data from Allies on a regular basis and presents aggregates and subsets of this information. Each Ally's Ministry of Defence reports current and estimated future defence expenditure according to an agreed definition of defence expenditure.
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Lost family heirloom returned after 74 years – a testament of American-German friendship

On 28 November 2019, the Deputy Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Lieutenant General Scott Kindsvater attended a ceremony in Schleiden, Germany where he returned an accordion his grandfather found during World War II to the Kupp family.
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