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Science for Peace and Security

How to report

The information in this section is for experts who already hold a grant.

  • On Multi-year Projects (applications submitted before 2015)

    This Management Handbook should be used by SfP Co-Directors who have successfully presented their full Project Plan and who have received the first Grant Letter for starting their SfP Project before 2015.

    Please note recent changes to the Project Management handbook.

    Complete management handbook (.pdf/305Kb)


    • Project Quick Start (.pdf)
    • Table of Threshold Amounts (.pdf)
    • Payments
      • Co-Director Operational Account Request Template (.docx)
      • Supplier Registration Request Template (.docx)
      • Payment Request (PRF) Template (.docx)
      • Payment Request (PRF) Instructions (.pdf)
      • Replenishment of Operational Account
        • Overview of Payments from the Operational Account Template (.xlsx)
        • Overview of Payments Replenishment Example (.xlsx)
    • Competitive Bidding Template (.docx)
    • Property Inventory Procedure (.pdf)
    • Stipend Receipt Template (.docx)
    • CV Template (.docx)
    • Mission Expenses (.docx)
      • Regulations and Accounting for Mission Expenses
      • Mission Expense Form (MEF)
      • MEF: Example
    • Daily rates of subsistence allowance / NATO per diem rates 2015 (.pdf)
    • Six-monthly Progress Reports (Templates and Budget)
      • Requirements for the six-monthly Progress Reports (.pdf)
      • Progress Report (technical) Template (.docx)
      • NATO Budget Table (.xlsx)
      • NATO Budget Summary Table (.xlsx)
      • Summary Report Outline (.docx)
    • Project Closure
      • Overview Table "Amounts Received and Spent" Template (.xlsx)
      • Final Report (technical) Template (.docx)
  • Visual Identity Guidelines


    All project partners participating in the Science for Peace and Security Programme are required to apply these guidelines to their respective communication tools. The visual identity comprises a signature banner which will be applied to all the communication tools (publications, posters, websites, notepaper, letterhead, etc.) created in the context of activities supported by the NATO SPS Programme.


    Below you will find all the graphic elements required for your respective communication tools. While a number of these files can be used with standard office PCs, there are also a range of files in formats that require professional soft and hardware as used by designers, printers and web designers.