• Last updated: 07 Jun. 2019 12:14

Science for Peace and Security

Evaluation and Selection

SPS Grant Mechanisms

The Independent Scientific Evaluation Group (ISEG) evaluates applications for scientific and technical merit during at least two peer review evaluation panels held each year.  Deadlines for application submissions correspond to their scheduling. 

Following receipt of an application by the SPS Programme it will undergo a comprehensive evaluation and peer review process, taking into account expert scientific and political guidance.

This multi-phase process ensures that all SPS applications approved for funding have been thoroughly evaluated for their scientific merit and security impact by NATO experts, independent scientists and NATO nations themselves through the Partnership and Cooperative Security Committee (PCSC).

A decision on funding may take up to 9 months following an application deadline, therefore it is important to take this into consideration when proposing dates for an activity.

The outcome of the selection procedure will be communicated to applicants in writing as soon as a decision has been reached following the multi-phase review process.  Please note that the comments of evaluators are confidential.