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Turkey-NATO anniversary - 18 February 1952

"NATO is one of the essential dimensions of Turkish foreign and defence policy. Turkey has been an important member of the Alliance and a reliable Ally for 60 years."

Ambassador Haydar Berk, Permanent Representative of Turkey to the North Atlantic Council




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NATO Review

    • Greece and Turkey: 60 years in NATO 22 Feb. 2012 2012 marks 60 years since Turkey and Greece joined NATO in 1952. In this edition of NATO Review, we gauge how the countries have changed in the last six decades, we look at their relationship with each other and ask where their security outlooks lay now.
    • Turkey: what 60 years in NATO means 16 Feb. 2012 Does NATO have a role to play in Turkey's new stronger foreign policy outlook? Does the Turkish public see NATO as necessary? Here we ask Turkish journalists and analysts to describe how they feel NATO looks from a Turkish perspective.

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    • Tackling New Security Challenges 31 Jan. 2012 Some of the most important challenges facing NATO in the coming decades include terrorism, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, cyber security, the threat of missile attack, energy security and piracy. This Briefing discusses the ways in which the Alliance aims to tackle these new security challenges.
    • Strategic Concept 2010 19 Nov. 2010 The 2010 Strategic Concept 'Active Engagement, Modern Defence' is a very clear and resolute statement on NATO's values and strategic objectives for the next decade. Collective defence, crisis management and cooperative security are the Alliance's essential core tasks in today's transformed security environment, an environment the Alliance is equipping itself for both politically and militarily.
    • NATO after Lisbon 05 Apr. 2011 This short text provides an overview of the major decisions, policies, and documents approved at the NATO Summit in Lisbon in November 2010.