• Last updated: 12 Apr. 2011 12:13

NATO Internship Programme

Programme Objectives

The NATO Internship Programme has four main objectives:

  • To provide the Organisation with access to the latest theoretical and technical knowledge that the intern can apply through practical work assignments, as well as with additional staff resources.
  • To provide interns with an opportunity to learn from the NATO community and get a better understanding and a more balanced view of the Organisation.
  • To contribute to creating a more diverse workforce.
  • To expand understanding of NATO in Alliance countries.

Information regarding the Internship

The NATO Internship Programme consists of two sub-programmes: the call for applications for NATO-funded internships (interns in this sub-programme are paid by NATO) and the grant/scholarship-funded internships (interns in this sub-programme come to NATO with a grant/scholarship from an academic institution covering the entire period of the internship). To apply for an internship, please click on the application link on the content menu to the right.

Besides interesting assignments and exciting development opportunities related to NATO’s activities and daily agenda, interns at NATO receive the following package:

Internship stipend: Interns receive a lump sum of € 800 per month. The internship stipend is not exempt from taxation. Interns may receive emoluments from outside sources (such as scholarships or grants).

Travel: Interns will be reimbursed for their travel expenses on taking up duty and on leaving the service based on a return economy ticket and for an amount of up to 1,200 Euros.

Leave: After three months of service, interns shall be entitled to leave (including sick leave) at the rate of 2.5 working days for every month of service completed, which means 7.5 days in total.