• Last updated: 27 Mar. 2023 15:51

NATO Internship Programme

What do we offer?

2 Internship Programmes:

    1. NATO-funded Programme: open once a year to all eligible candidates.
    2. GRANT-funded Programme: will open again in 2021.

Unique experience: A once in a lifetime opportunity to learn during 6 months from the NATO community and gain valuable work experience together with a better understanding of the Alliance.

Benefits package:

    1. Internship stipend: If you are selected through the NATO-funded programme, you will receive a monthly stipend.
    2. Travel: Upon the confirmation of the start date of internship by the Internship Office, we will provide you with a prepaid flight/train ticket (based on a return economy ticket and for an amount of up to 1,200€). If you travel by car, we will be reimburse you travel costs as well.
    3. Leave: You will be entitled to have 15 days of leave for the full period of 6 months.

In-house training: During the internship, we organize an Induction programme and various briefings to provide you with an overview of NATO's activities and structure. The monthly briefings constitute a unique opportunity to meet and discuss topics of interest with highly experienced staff across the Alliance. Visits to external institutions are also part of the training programme.