• Last updated: 23 May. 2018 14:31

NATO Internship Programme

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I do an internship?

    NATO offers 2 Internship Programmes:

    • NATO-funded Programme: open once a year to all eligible candidates. Placements are offered in March or September of the following year.
    • GRANT-funded Programme: open throughout the year to candidates who are awarded a scholarship by their university or a governmental institution.

    NATO HQ does not accept spontaneous applications. All applications must be done through our e-recruitment system.

    There is no possibility for summer or part-time internships. All our interns must be fully available during the internship.

  • What are the documents that I need to attach to my application?

    In order for the Internship Office to assess your application, please attach the following documents:

    • If you are a graduate - copy of university qualifications you have completed


    • if you are still studying - proof of ongoing studies with the dates clearly mentioned

    If you are applying for a Grant-funded internship, in addition to the above documents, we will need a proof of your scholarship.

    We prefer that these documents are in one of the NATO official language (English or French). If you don't have these documents in English or French, please attach a self-prepared translation.

  • Do I need a visa or residence permit to come to and live in Brussels?

    EU citizens do not require a visa to enter Belgium.

    Albanian, Canadian and US interns can travel directly to Belgium and will receive a tourist visa valid for 90 days at the airport.

    Turkish interns have to request a tourist visa to enter Belgium and this before booking their travel through the NATO Travel Agency.

    All the interns will have to fill the request form for a special identity card and submit it to our Privileges and Immunities Office responsible for the follow-up with the Belgian authorities. Therefore there is no need to register at the city hall (commune). This special identity card will serve as a residence permit during the internship. Therefore, it is important for the interns to submit the request as soon as possible after their arrival. Only Belgian interns are exempted from this procedure.

  • Can I join the Internship Programme if I hold a scholarship or grant?

    Yes, you can apply for a GRANT-funded internship.

    Before submitting your application, ensure that your scholarship meets all our conditions:

    • You scholarship will be valid for at least one year starting from the application date. This period covers the internship duration of 6 months and the procedure of obtaining your security clearance. (Please note that this procedure lasts usually 6 to 8 months but varies from one country to another and could therefore be longer).
    • Your scholarship will be granted by either your university, an official governmental institution or an official programme such as Erasmus +.  Self-funded internship or funds granted by a private company are not allowed.

    Applying for a grant-funded internship does not guarantee that you’ll be offered a placement as this will depend on the real-time needs of the Alliance.

    If selected, you’ll receive an internship conditional offer letter with the planned start date. The Internship Office will launch on your behalf the procedure for your security clearance.  Your start date will be confirmed by the internship upon the granting of your security clearance.

    As a grant-funded intern, you are not bound by the specific application and onboarding deadlines. However, all regulations except rules concerning payment or related to payment apply to you.

  • What are my chances of employment at NATO after the internship?

    Internship placements are not linked to any further employment contract with NATO. In order to be employed by us in a different capacity, you will need to go through a competitive recruitment process.  Please have it in mind when you decide to accept an internship placement with us.