NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO Internship Programme

NATO International Military Staff

Office of the Public Affairs and StratCom Advisor (PA&SCA/IMS)

The Public Affairs and StratCom Advisor, International Military Staff (PA&SCA/IMS) and his staff fulfill four main functions:

  • Promoting NATO’s Military Committee (MC)
    This involves daily spokesmanship for the Chairman, MC and the MC, NATO’s highest military authority, explaining its mission and function to the public, how it fits into the political-military decision-making structure of NATO and its relationship to NATO’s two Strategic Commands (SCs).
  • Providing Advice and Support to the Chairman, MC
    The PA&SCA/IMS directly supports the Chairman of the Military Committee in his role as NATO’s principal military spokesperson on all Alliance military issues and activities.  This includes all media relations and outreach activities:  setting up press conferences linked to the Chairman’s visits and meetings schedule, interviews with leading publications, TV & Radio channels, and writing articles for the NATO Internet MC website.  Continuous research across the political-military environment, to provide background for these media events is required, together with a sound knowledge of NATO messaging.
  • Providing Advice and Guidance on Public Affairs to the Director General and Directors, IMS
    This involves preparing assessments and reports on all issues that form the basis of discussion and decisions in the MC. The IMS is the essential link between the decision-making bodies of the Alliance, the two SCs, national military delegations from NATO and Partner countries working in Brussels, and the civilian International Staff, in particular the Public Diplomacy Division (PDD).  The PA&SCA/IMS provides assessments and guidance on all Public Affairs issues, to include policy, doctrine, strategies and plans, liaising closely with PDD (specifically with the NATO Spokesperson and the Media Operations Centre), PA staff at SHAPE, SACT and all Joint Commands, national NATO Delegations, and PA Responsible in capitals’ Joint Chief of Staff Offices and Ministries of Defence.
  • Supporting the Alliance for all matters related to NATO Strategic Communications (StratCom).
    NATO StratCom is a new approach where all communication efforts and information activities (verbal and non-verbal) are coordinated. The overall programme of StratCom engagements for the Alliance is therefore driven by a long-term strategic vision, based on the priorities set by the NATO’s Secretary General and its member countries. The military components of the Alliance provide a substantial contribution in communicating NATO’s role and mission. It is therefore paramount for IMS PA&SCA, the principal point of contact in the IMS for StratCom issues, and representing DGIMS, to be fully integrated in this approach, in continuous coordination with all NATO StratCom stakeholders.