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NATO Headquarters Consultation, Command and Control (C3) Staff (NHQC3S)

The NATO Headquarters C3 Staff provides support on C3 matters to the North Atlantic Council, the Military Committee, the C3 Board, the Conference of National Armaments Directors, the Resource Planning and Policy Board, to other committees with responsibilities relating to C3 matters and to Divisions and Directorates of the International Staff and International Military Staff. 
The NATO Headquarters C3 Staff vision is to be the first choice NATO staff organisation for analysis, advice and actionable recommendations to Nations and NATO bodies that will lead to the delivery of C3 capabilities needed to support Alliance Operations and Missions, and enable Alliance transformation.

Major responsibilities:

The most important activities in which the C3 Staff will be engaged are those enabling and supporting ongoing NATO military operations around the world. As a member of both the International Staff (IS) and the International Military Staff (IMS) in the political headquarters of the Alliance, the C3 Staff is heavily involved in supporting political and military decision-making and strategic policy development in other than current operations. Also, as an overarching principle, the C3 Staff needs to lead NATO towards achieving Interoperability by carrying-out the following major responsibilities:

  • the development of actionable recommendations leading to the delivery of C3 capabilities;
  • to lead NATO initiatives in Cyber Defence (CD), Information Management (IM) and NATO Network-Enabled Capability (NNEC);
  • to provide selected products and services in information sharing standards and Frequency Management;
  • To provide an effective secretariat for the C3 Board sub-structure.

What would an internship at NHQC3S be like?
The C3 Staff is certainly looking forward to welcoming the selected Intern who will be working with key members of the C3 Staff, actively supporting selected integrated project teams and performing other activities such as:

  • the preparation and coordination of C3 Board and NC3REPs meetings as the basis for the governance processes of the C3 domain;
  • supporting the design of programme governance processes;
  • supporting work in different subject areas ranging from telecommunications, information systems and  information assurance to identification and navigation systems;
  • the design and implementation of business processes in the C3 programmatic approach;
  • internal support to the information manager, helping to implement an information sharing environment based on SharePoint.

"The mission of the NATO Headquarters Consultation, Command and Control (C3) Staff (NHQC3S) is to ensure thorough effective research, analysis and coordination the provision of advice in all C3 related matters to the senior NATO Bodies, including the North Atlantic Council (NAC), Military Committee (MC) and C3 Board (C3B).
I joined the NHQC3S in September 2011 for an internship of six months. For an initial one-month period, I spent time with all five branches in the Staff, gathering knowledge and experience as to how the Staff was structured.
From October to December 2011, on a weekly basis, I was appointed to work three days in the C3B Coordinator's office and two days in the Information Assurance and Cyber Defence Branch (IACDB) to assist in the completion of their respective duties as follows:

  • C3B Coordinator Office: I carried-out technical IT work, revised and updated structures on SharePoint and the C3WEB. Additionally, I helped in the preparation and conduct of the C3B Principal's session, the senior NATO multinational body for providing coordinated advice and policy recommendations on C3 systems to the NAC, MC, the Strategic Commands and the Conference of National Armaments Directors.
  • IACDB Office: I assisted the Branch Chief and Branch Staff Officers in the preparation of presentations and briefs. Also, I kept track of cyber defence related events and tasks at branch level and prepared meeting documentation.

Starting January, I intensified my involvement with the IACD Branch to 100 %, focusing on the area of Cyber Defence and, more specifically, on the Cyber Defence Action Plan.
In summary, the Internship has given me the opportunity to experience working with senior level civil and military NATO Bodies, leading thus to a better understanding of the Organization. It has also conceded me the chance to grow professionally and personally in a multicultural environment, making the Internship a one in a lifetime experience which I will always be grateful for.”