NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATO Internship Programme

NATO International Military Staff

Office of Information and Knowledge Management (IKM)

The IKM Office, International Military Staff (IMS) performs four primary functions:

  • IKM Support to the IMS Staff and the Military Committee (MC)
    This involves managing a Microsoft Office Share Point Server (MOSS 2007) Portal to facilitate the creation, storage, and sharing of documents such as policies, guidance, assessments, reports, memoranda, background briefs, etc.  These are used to properly inform the senior IMS Staff and the MC members and prepare them for staff meetings, MC meetings, and other committee meetings.  The IMS Portal also facilitates the coordination of meetings, training, and other events through the use of web-based calendars and registration forms.  Managing the Portal involves the following duties:
    • Improving existing staff processes using available technology (MS Office, IMS Portal, and IMS Document Retrieval System) as applicable 
    • Assisting and training users as needed
    • Creating new Portal sites, lists, or webparts as needed
    • Managing access controls and permissions on the Portal
    • Conducting monthly portal training sessions
    • Coordinating with the Server administrator to resolve Portal issues
  • IKM Advice to the Executive Coordinator (EXCO) and the Director General of the IMS (DGIMS) 
    This involves attending regular staff meetings and briefing the EXCO or DGIMS when advice is needed in relation to managing information or knowledge within the IMS or MC.  The IKM Office also acts as the liaison with the International Staff's (IS) Information Communications and Technology Management (ICTM) staff and regularly attends ICTM and ICT Revitalisation Programme meetings.  Relevant information gathered from these meetings are reported to EXCO or DGIMS as appropriate. 
  • Support to the NATO Information Management Authority (NIMA) Working Group.
    This involves attending NIMA Working Group meetings and syndicates to discuss and draft Information Management strategy, policy, and guidance for all of NATO.  This also includes regularly reviewing and contributing to these strategy, policy, and guidance documents either in syndicate format or via the NIMA website and forum.   
  • Developing IKM Policies and Guidance for the IMS.
    This involves translating NIMA policies and guidance into IKM policies and guidance that are applicable to the IMS, such as the IMS IKM Strategic Plan and the IMS Standard File Naming Convention. 

What would an internship in the IMS IKM Office be like?
As an intern in support of the IKM Office, you would integrate into a small, but very dynamic team, working on diverse functions related to information management, knowledge management, process improvement, and technology integration.
In particular, you would:

  • Learn the principles of Information and Knowledge Management
  • Learn how to use and manage a Share Point Portal
  • Assist users with Portal issues or questions
  • Manage access controls and permissions on the Portal
  • Learn how the IMS and MC function and assist with improving processes as needed
  • Document staffing processes and identify process changes for improved efficiencies
  • Assist with monthly portal training classes

The skills and experience you will gain working in the IKM Office will definitely help you in your next job since information management, knowledge management, and process improvement skills can be applied in any discipline; within Industry, Politics, or the Military.  You will also gain valuable knowledge about the inter-workings of the IMS, MC, and NATO HQ.