• Last updated: 29 Mar. 2023 15:57
Young Professionals Programme


  • Eligibility

    Can I apply, if my country is not a NATO Member State?

    No, only nationals of NATO Member States can apply for any NATO vacancy, including the Young Professionals Programme.

    I have more than one nationality. Can I still apply?

    Yes, you can. However, you can apply only under one nationality. You will be required to indicate your NATO nationality under the 'Personal Information' section of the application form.

    I have less than one year of professional work experience. Can I still apply?

    No. Only individuals with at least one year of work experience may apply for the YPP. If you do not meet the criteria of the YPP at the time of application, we advise you to look into the NATO Internship Programme or revisit the YPP in the future.

    I will graduate only after the application period is over. Can I still apply?

    No. In order to be eligible for the YPP, you must meet all criteria by the application deadline. In case you do not meet the criteria, we invite you to revisit the YPP in the future.

  • Application process

    When can I apply for the YPP?

    The Young Professionals Programme is usually advertised in the first quarter of each year.

    I do not have an English or French version of my diploma. What should I do?

    Nearly all universities issue an English version of the awarded diploma. If this is not the case for you, please submit a copy of your diploma translated into English or French. You will be required to present the original document in case you will be selected.

    Will my application be screened?

    Yes, all applications will be screened with the help of the pre-screening questions focusing on the eligibility criteria. Please make sure that you fulfill all of the criteria before you apply and note that all replies to the pre-screening questions will be vetted.

    Can I apply to other NATO jobs other than the YPP?

    Yes, you can apply to other NATO jobs, in case you fulfill the eligibility criteria.

    I submitted my application a month ago, and there is no answer. When will you respond?

    The application assessment period commences after the application deadline. We respond to applicants over the summer period. As soon as a decision is taken, positive or negative, you will receive an automatic email. Due to the high number of applications, we do not provide personal feedback.

    Do I need to be an expert in the area to apply?

    No, you do not need to be an expert. Although you must have at least one year of professional work experience at the time of application, we are looking for highly skilled Young Professionals from all backgrounds who fulfill the eligibility criteria and have the potential to grow and develop.

    Do I need to have a military background to apply?

    No. NATO is a political and military alliance, employing both civilian and military personnel. The Young Professionals Programme accepts both civilian and military candidates who fulfill the necessary criteria.

    Some important topics for NATO, such as capability development, are not included as work areas. Why is that?

    The YPP intends to be an inclusive and diverse programme that will onboard young professionals with a diversity of backgrounds. These young professionals may be highly qualified to deliver on certain topics but are not necessarily aware of the terminology used by NATO to describe them. This is why all work areas have been defined in a way that is understandable to a wide pool of candidates.  

  • Selection process

    Where will the YPP selection process happen?

    The whole selection process will take place online, you will not be asked to travel or attend any of the selection stages or an interview in person.

    How can I prepare for an online interview?

    Should you be invited to an online interview, we will send you the necessary information regarding the preparation beforehand.

  • Successful candidates

    Can I choose the NATO bodies or the geographical locations where I would like to work?

    No. In order to enable your professional and personal growth, your profile is matched with the most appropriate work area among the available positions. For this reason, it is not possible to select the NATO bodies or locations you would like to work in.

    How can I know the placement locations?

    The placement locations are indicated in the vacancy notices. Please refer to these documents or to your application to know the sequence of your duty locations.

    When can I expect to start if selected for the NATO Young Professionals Programme?

    Once the selection process is concluded, successful candidates will be informed about the start date and onboarding process. For successful applicants to the 2023 edition, we anticipate a start date in September 2024.

    What is a security clearance and why do I need one?

    To be able to work at NATO and handle classified information, you need a security clearance issued by your country of nationality. If you are selected for a position, we will initiate the process for obtaining a security clearance on your behalf.

    Do I need a visa or residence permit to start working in the countries of assignment?

    Yes. Depending on your nationality and the area of assignment, you may require a visa or work permit. These details will be discussed with you if you are selected for the YPP.

  • Employment at NATO

    What are my chances of employment at NATO after the YPP?

    YPP placements are not linked to any further employment contract with NATO. To be employed in a different capacity, you will need to apply for a position and undergo a merit-based and competitive recruitment process.