• Last updated: 24 Apr. 2020 09:03
Young Professionals Programme

What we offer

The Young Professionals Programme will offer successful candidates the opportunity to acquire a unique international experience, while contributing to their personal and professional growth. Participants will be rewarded with a competitive employee benefit package.

Unique international experience

The YPP will provide participants with the experience of a lifetime in a political and military alliance, which protects almost one billion people across North America and Europe. Young Professionals will work in a diverse and stimulating environment, working in one or several related areas during their assignments in three different NATO bodies. They will be able to enhance their career development and equip themselves with the knowledge and toolkit necessary for tackling their next professional challenges.

Personal and professional growth

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to further NATO’s activities by contributing to a wide range of activities addressing the needs of each NATO body and the whole of the Alliance. They will also be able to develop their knowledge and skills, while enlarging their professional network through being part of a NATO-wide community of Young Professionals and the NATO family at large.


Young Professionals will receive a competitive salary and other benefits, including excellent health insurance, reimbursement of travel expenses for taking up duty and leaving, training opportunities, and a generous annual leave of 30 days.