• Last updated: 03 Mar. 2017 15:01

NATO Internship Programme

NATO International Military Staff

Joint Intelligence and Security Division (JISD)

Joint Intelligence and Security Division (JISD) – Intelligence Production Unit (IPU):

At the Warsaw Summit in July 2016, Heads of State and Government agreed to establish a new Joint Intelligence and Security Division (JISD), in order to improve NATO's ability to draw on a wide range of intelligence resources. JISD is led by an Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence and Security. 

The JISD key role is to support the NAC and MC on intelligence and security matters and is divided into security and intelligence pillars.  

The internship would take place in the production part of the intelligence pillar of the JISD. It will provide a unique opportunity for the intern to contribute to and learn from the workings of a very active staff. The intern task would be to assist in developing and maintaining Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) expertise to promote and to ensure delivery of quality OSINT resources, services and advice. This would include designing, populating and maintaining the OSINT data base to ensure that the interface is user-friendly and that the content is valid and reliable. Important intern’s task would also be to research and evaluate the large volume of open source information available to create OSINT products and delivery of customized OSINT information products to meet identified and anticipated information needs.

In order to be able to successfully meet the expectations, the intern must possess strong knowledge in international relations, global security and in database management.


One of the task of the production part of the intelligence pillar of the JISD is to provide strategic all-source intelligence to key civilian and military decision makers on the level of NATO HQ and to the nations.

Main functions include monitoring and analyzing information from all available sources and providing relevant strategic intelligence assessments. Additional functions include cooperation in intelligence production with other intelligence bodies of Strategic Commands and with NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre, NATO operations and national intelligence organisations and strategic warning.