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Administration and Human Resources

Administration and Human Resources (Admin/HR) play a crucial role in ensuring that, in a planned and cost-effective manner the Organization attracts, selects, employs and retains staff with the necessary knowledge and competencies to address the current and future needs of the Organization as mandated by NATO member nations. In doing so, Admin/HR services continuously seek to apply modern and up-to-date human resource management policies and procedures throughout the entire employment cycle. This facilitates organisational efficiencies, work and performance and contributes to maximising staff's talent and potential. Transparency, consistency and non-discrimination are key principles that Admin/HR continuously strive to apply in HR-related decisions affecting staff.

Work areas

  • Administration
  • Administration support
  • Human Resources
  • Medical or social

My job

Jose, HR Advisor

As a Human Resources Adviser my core role is to provide managers with the help they need to manage their staff. This requires a proactive involvement in the division or department’s work, an awareness of their core tasks and an understanding of the resources they need to achieve them.

More specifically, I am heavily involved in the recruitment and selection of staff and in performance-related issues, sometimes of a sensitive nature. I also address organisational issues involving human resource allocation, restructuring and redistribution of tasks. I am very much the ‘listening ear” of divisions or departments on a daily basis and provide advice to them as required. I also look at potential legal implications of people management decisions, be they from an organisational or employment perspective and advise senior management accordingly. Another element of my work is to look into opportunities for adapting our policies and procedures if necessary. Applying best management practices and common sense is also part of my job when regulations are open to interpretation.

In conclusion, I act as a partner of a division or department to facilitate and promote sound people management and to help them to achieve their objectives.

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