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Careers at NATO


In this field, NATO needs experts to enable the integrated collaboration between nations and international organisations to bring peace and stability to conflict areas. Crisis management processes and logistic systems, together with military capabilities, are key for the success of complex operations and are supported by powerful information and communication solutions.

Work areas

  • Crisis management
  • Operations
  • Logistics

My job

Merve, Group Head NATO Logistics Functional Support Services

I work at NATO Communications and Information Agency as the Group Head for the NATO Logistics Functional Support Services. I have been involved in many projects in support of NATO Logistics Operations. I was one of the first NATO civilians to travel to ISAF, and since then I have been in the Balkans and Afghanistan regularly. My job gives me the chance of being part of a change, and being able to contribute, all the way from simply helping a user of our systems, to the delivery of a full operational capability to enhance the logistics visibility.

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