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Careers at NATO

Political Affairs

NATO is a political and military alliance, and political consultations serve as the basis for all of NATO's work, from exchanging lessons learned in the field of counter-piracy to taking decisions about the future course of NATO's operation in Afghanistan. Careers in the Political Affairs area focus on facilitating dialogue among the 28 member states in order to find consensus on NATO's policies. These jobs also work to promote dialogue between NATO Allies and partner countries on political, defence, and security issues in order to exchange information, build trust, and prevent conflict. NATO jobs in this field are also responsible for providing high-quality analysis and advice on political developments around the world to senior NATO leadership.

Work areas

  • Political affairs
  • Security policy

My job

James, Euroatlantic integration and partnerships

I work as the Head of the Euro-Atlantic Integration and Partnership Team within the Political Affairs and Security Policy Division of the NATO International Staff. My team is responsible for NATO's relationship with 20 countries within NATO's Partnership for Peace Programme, stretching from Sweden to Tajikistan.

We work on a daily basis with NATO's Euro-Atlantic partner countries to advise them on their democratic, rule of law, and defence and security sector reforms, and how to make best use of NATO activities and assistance to carry out those reforms. We build a programme of cooperation with each partner, then work closely with NATO member states to find consensus on how to implement these programmes, as well as the political messages the Alliance will send to its partners. The officers in our section are also responsible for monitoring political and security events in partner countries, analysing developments, and then advising NATO's senior leadership and NATO Allies on what the best course of action for the Alliance is in different situations. This requires working closely with not only the partner countries and NATO Allies, but also exchanging information and experience with other international organisations and non-governmental organisations.

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