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Careers at NATO

Defence and Security

NATO as the unique political-military organisation offers an unmatched opportunity for defence and security experts, ranging from capability development, to policy debate and dialogue. NATO employs staff with solid political, military, defence or security background, supplemented by strong analytical abilities, imagination and innovation. The Organization aims continuously to be at the forefront of capability development, employing cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, from missile defence and joint intelligence-surveillance and reconnaissance to cyber defence, ultimately allowing NATO to preserve the security of its territories and population.

Work areas

  • Defence planning
  • Defence investment

My job

Liviu, NIAG and LCMG Coordinator

As an electronics engineer, with operational, R&D, industrial, procurement and management experience I am currently engaged in strengthening the relationship between NATO and defence and security industry from Allied and Partner nations, to support NATO capability development, including Smart Defence and Connected Forces Initiatives. This is a very challenging endeavour but equally rewarding. In the past I was involved in aerospace C2-C4ISR, and actually I started with partnerships. This only demonstrates the wide spectrum of opportunities offered by the Alliance. Flexibility, innovation, understanding NATO political environment and wider geopolitical are key for NATO staff officers. Consensus is the strength of the Alliance and we are all, the members of the International Staff, engaged in building it.

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