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Careers at NATO

Science and Technology

NATO offers a wide variety of staff positions that require experience and knowledge in scientific research, engineering or technology application. NATO employs staff with a solid background in scientific research to support networks of national science experts from across NATO and even partner nations in their endeavour to innovate the capabilities the Alliance will require in the future. At the same time, experienced practitioners in engineering, IT, telecommunication, or information management maintain and develop NATO's own technology infrastructure and services in order to meet current and evolving needs.

Work areas

  • Science
  • Engineering
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Information and Document Management

My job

Ulf, Research and Technology Outreach

I'm a scientist by education and a networker by conviction. Before joining NATO I spent almost ten years at a national aeronautics research laboratory. In my current position I work between science and technology and the armaments community, to promote and foster the strategic level of collaboration between those conducting scientific research and those applying the results.

My portfolio involves a broad variety of stakeholders, including national experts and NATO staff, ranging from military (driving capability requirements) to technology experts (driven by technology opportunities). In this challenging and stimulating environment, I play multiple roles as pathfinder, motivator, custodian, facilitator, or multiplier, always focused on supporting the nations in meeting their objectives as an Alliance.

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