Nathalie Matthijs


  • Last updated: 01 Feb. 2024 15:10

Nathalie Matthijs is the Director of the NATO Office of Resources (NOR) in Brussels, Belgium.

Nathalie Matthijs, Director NATO Office of Resources

Nathalie started her career in 2006, in the private sector, as business consultant in government institutions for the company IBM specialised in resource management and business process reengineering. In 2008 she moved to Deloitte Consulting, where she served for 10 years with gradually increasing responsibilities. She specialised herself in organisational design and resource management advice for international governmental institutions and worked in several Directorate Generals of the European Commission, European Agencies (EFSA, EMA, REA, …), and at all levels of the Belgian, Flemish, Walloon and Brussels administrations. She acted as Director responsible for European Commission Human Capital services until late 2018.  

In 2019, Nathalie started working for NATO IS in the capacity of Head of Talent Management and HR Integration and Deputy of the DASG HR.  Her focus was on Talent Acquisition, Learning and Development and HR Business Partnership.  In 2021, she was appointed to the role of DASG for Human Resources, which broadened her focus to the entire HR field, encompassing payroll, pensions, social security, talent management, diversity and inclusion and HR policy and coordination, as chair of the NATO Advisory Panel on Administration, discussing HR issues NATO wide. She successfully led a team of 65 professionals and delivered on the HR strategy 2023-2030 and the Diversity and Inclusion action plan.