NATO Information and Documentation Centre (NIDC)

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The NATO Information and Documentation Centre in Ukraine (NIDC) was inaugurated in May 1997 on the eve of signing the NATO-Ukraine Charter on a Distinctive Partnership, which serves as the founding document for the relationship between NATO and Ukraine. The NIDC is part of the NATO Public Diplomacy Division and was the first information office established by NATO in a partner country, and open to the general public.

NATO flag flying at NATO Headquarters Brussels.

In September 2015, the NATO Secretary General signed an Agreement with the Ukrainian authorities establishing the NATO Representation comprising the two NATO bodies operating in Ukraine – The NATO Information and Documentation Centre (NIDC) and The NATO Liaison Office (NLO) in Ukraine. 

The NIDC in Kyiv plays a key role in promoting a better understanding in Ukraine of NATO’s core tasks and priorities, benefits of NATO-Ukraine cooperation, as well as in providing support to the Ukrainian authorities in the area of public information and strategic communications.

The NIDC also contributes to the efforts to facilitate and enhance Ukraine’s participation in cooperation activities with NATO in the frameworks of the NATO-Ukraine Charter, Ukraine’s Annual National Programme, Strategic Communications Partnership Road Map and other forms of cooperation between NATO and Ukraine. It advises the Ukrainian authorities and institutions in the area of strategic communications and public diplomacy capabilities development.  

NIDC Staff

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Three pillars of NIDC’s work in Ukraine:

Increasing awareness and understanding of NATO in Ukraine

Through a network of partners such as civil society, media, decision-makers, academics and students, the NIDC promotes dialogue and discussion about NATO. The NIDC uses a variety of public diplomacy tools to provide information about NATO to Ukrainian citizens, in Kyiv and beyond. These include active media engagement through interviews and articles in the Ukrainian press; active digital media and social media presence and through people to people engagement – lectures at universities, seminars and conferences as well as street and art exhibits about NATO.

Informing Ukrainian public about NATO-Ukraine cooperation

NATO provides political and practical support to Ukraine through programs and tools such as the Comprehensive Assistance Package. NATO also operates several Trust Funds in Ukraine and plays a strong advisory role in the Ukrainian reform process across a variety of government and non-governmental institutions. The NIDC actively promotes the work of the NATO Representation to Ukraine on a daily basis and ensures timely and active communication about NATO in Ukraine.

Support to Ukrainian institutions in capacity building in strategic communications

The NIDC advises Ukrainian authorities on strategic communications. A major milestone expanding the scope of NATO-Ukraine relations was achieved in September 2015 in agreeing the NATO-Ukraine Strategic Communications Partnership Roadmap (further referred to as ‘Roadmap’). The Roadmap was signed by NATO Secretary Jens Stoltenberg and Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council (NSDC) Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov.

The NIDC is the NATO executing manager in Ukraine for the Roadmap and its associated programs and activities, while the Secretariat of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine is the primary lead and coordinating authority on behalf of Ukraine.

The Strategic Communications Partnership aims to enhance the capabilities of the Ukrainian authorities in the field of strategic communications, assist the development of Ukraine’s strategic communications culture and maintain the highest standards of accuracy and ethics to ensure the credibility and efficiency of Ukraine’s government communications. Activities under the Roadmap Implementation Plan are tailored to achieve these goals and focus on: capacity-building in various communications disciplines, training capacity development, information environment assessment, and research in the sphere of communications.

Public Diplomacy/Communications Projects

In order to facilitate NATO’s core mission and activities in Ukraine, the NIDC supports various public diplomacy and communications projects, including round tables, seminars, conferences and multimedia projects.

Grants are awarded on a regular basis throughout the year to recognized Ukrainian non-governmental organizations for a variety of initiatives and activities related to NATO and/or NATO-Ukraine relations. For more information and/or an application form, please visit the following link: NATO Public Diplomacy Division’s Co-Sponsorship Grants.  Please send requests for additional information and project applications relating to Ukraine to .