NATO Advisory and Liaison Team (NALT)

  • Last updated: 15 Jun. 2017 10:23


To support further developments of the security organisations in Kosovo and to include the provision of advice and support with a focus on capacity-building, education and training coordination.


The Director of the NALT is a senior military rank and is supported by a civilian Deputy. The Director and his Deputy are supported by a Command and Support Element and a team comprised of military and civilian advisors delivering the necessary advice and assistance throughout the security organisations in Kosovo.


The NATO Advisory and Liaison Team performs the following tasks:

  • advise – including in the areas of capacity-building, training, leadership, doctrine, logistics, international law, human rights and management;
  • assist – including best practices to international standards on issues such as head office strategies, policies, plans processes and internal control mechanisms that ensure transparency and accountability;
  • liaise and coordinate NATO Assistance Programmes. 

Main principles

The principles of NATO’s support to the security organisations in Kosovo include:

  • transparency of engagement, including with regional actors;
  • the NALT is an objective-based mission which consults on a regular basis with the authorities in Kosovo;
  • coherent delivery of advice and assistance with a view of ensuring coordination with other stakeholders and the authorities in Kosovo.

Current priorities

A comprehensive NALT Programme of Work, as agreed with partners, delivers advice, assistance and support in areas such as:

  • human resources management (HRM);
  • logistics;
  • procurement;
  • finance;
  • emergency management planning;
  • officer and non-commissioned officer (NCO) development;
  • training and lessons learned.

General organisational information

The NATO Advisory and Liaison Team was officially created on 28 August 2016.

Current staff consist of 41 military and civilian personnel including 10 local staff.

The NALT structure comprises a Command Element, Chief of Staff Support Team, Strategy and Plans Branch, Operations and Support Branches.