Statement by the Secretary General on the assembly elections in Kosovo

  • 22 Oct. 2004
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  • Press Release (2004) 142
  • Issued on 22 Oct. 2004
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  • Last updated: 12 Jan. 2011 14:07

The assembly elections this Saturday are an important step in building Kosovo's future. The Provisional Institutions of Self Government need the broadest and most inclusive representation to carry out their important work effectively, particularly in the coming months.

That is why I call on all persons eligible to vote, from all communities, to exercise that democratic right. Participation in the elections is the best way for all concerned to make their voices heard and promote their legitimate interests.

I also appeal to all to carry out this election in a peaceful manner. The conduct of these elections will be closely scrutinised by the international community. KFOR will play its full part in maintaining a peaceful environment, and NATO has deployed additional forces into Kosovo and the region to demonstrate our capability and our resolve.