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30 Oct. 2017

Press conference by NATO Deputy Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller at NATO HQ KFOR

(As delivered)
03 Feb. 2017

Joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Mr. Isa Mustafa in Kosovo

(As delivered)
23 Jan. 2015

Joint press point with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Isa Mustafa of Kosovo

23 Jan. 2015

Address by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to the troops at Film City, Kosovo

06 Feb. 2002

Statement on the arrests of three members of the former KLA by NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson

NATO strongly supports the arrest of the three members of the former Kosovo Liberation Army, Latif Gashi, Naim Kadriu and Nazif Mehmeti, conducted by UNMIK, with the assistance of KFOR, on charges of committing crimes against their fellow citizens.
22 Oct. 2004

Statement by the Secretary General on the assembly elections in Kosovo

The assembly elections this Saturday are an important step in building Kosovo's future. The Provisional Institutions of Self Government need the broadest and most inclusive representation to carry out their important work effectively, particularly in the coming months.
02 Feb. 2007

Statement by the Secretary General on Kosovo status

Today, the Kosovo status process has entered an important new phase. President Ahtisaari has presented a way forward on this issue which offers the prospect of a better, more secure future for the entire region, including through integration into European and Euro-Atlantic structures.
21 Jan. 2006

Statement by NATO Secretary General on the death of President Rugova

On behalf of the NATO Alliance, I wish to express my profound condolences at the death of President Ibrahim Rugova of Kosovo after his long illness.
22 Jul. 2010

NATO Secretary General: After International Court of Justice advisory opinion on Kosovo, KFOR continues to do its job

I take note that the International Court of Justice has issued its Advisory Opinion on Kosovo.
17 Nov. 2009

Statement by the NATO Secretary General on the elections in Kosovo

I congratulate the authorities in Kosovo for the successful organisation of the elections, and the people of Kosovo for the peaceful way in which voting was carried out.

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