Final Communiqué

  • 02 May. 1960 - 04 May. 1960
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Continuation of preparation for the Summit Conference - Satisfaction with the system of continuous Allied consultation.

  1. The North Atlantic Council held its Spring Ministerial Meeting in Istanbul from 2nd-4th May.
  2. The Council took stock of the situation on the eve of the Summit Meeting. The results of its exchange of views may be summarized as follows:
    1. The Council welcomes the prospect of negotiations with the Soviet Union, and hopes that they will lead to improved international relations. The unity of the Alliance is a condition of progress towards this end.
    2. All members of the Alliance share the aim of general and complete disarmament, to be achieved by stages under effective international control, and support the proposals of the Western negotiators at Geneva to this end. These proposals in their view provide the best means of carrying out the United Nations Resolution of 20th November, 1959. They regret the unwillingness which the Soviet side has so far shown to discuss specific practical measures of disarmament.
    3. While desiring a true international detente, the Atlantic Alliance cannot be satisfied with a formula of "peaceful co-existence" under cover of which attacks continue to be made on individual members of the Alliance. Detente, like peace, is indivisible. Thus, the efforts of Soviet propaganda to discredit the Federal Republic of Germany and the Governments of certain other NATO countries are inimical to the Alliance as a whole and inconsistent with a real improvement of international relations.
    4. The Council reaffirms the view that the solution of the problem of Germany can only be found in re-unification on the basis of self-determination. It recalls its Declaration of 16th December, 1958, and once again expresses its determination to protect the freedom of the people of West Berlin.
  1. The Council heard reports on the topics likely to be discussed at the Summit Meeting. After a full discussion, it expressed its entire agreement with the common positions of the United States, France and the United Kingdom as worked out in consultation with their allies. It expressed its satisfaction with the system of continuous consultation between all members of the Alliance which has been developed.
  2. The Council also examined the Secretary General's Report on the working of the Alliance. It welcomed the progress accomplished in various fields and reaffirmed its determination to continue its efforts in the field of political and economic co-operation and solidarity which is so necessary for the maintenance of peace and the defence of freedom.
  3. All members of the Council reaffirmed their faith in NATO and welcomed the emphasis given in President Eisenhower's message to the long-term planning of the Alliance.