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11 Dec. 1996

Work Plan For Dialogue, Partnership And Cooperation 1996/1997 - Annex On Specific Activities Update For 1997

02 Dec. 1994

Chairman's summary of the Meeting of the North Atlantic Cooperation Council

18 Dec. 1992

Statement issued at the Meeting of the North Atlantic Cooperation Council

New and difficult security challenges - Development of NACC potential - Adoption of 1993 Work Plan - Practical focus of partnership - Democratic and market-oriented reforms - Cooperation on defence matters and military contacts - Democratically controlled and smaller military forces consistent with legitimate security requirements - Cooperation in science and environmental fields - Threats to stability from regional and ethnic conflicts - Enhancement of CSCE's operational and institutional capacity - UN and CSCE peacekeeping operations - Exchange of experience and expertise on peacekeeping - New security architecture - Solutions to regional conflicts through negotiations - Use of NACC dialogue and cooperation to prevent conflicts - Deteriorating situation in former Yugoslavia - Efforts of UN, CSCE and EC - London Conference decisions and UN resolutions - "Ethnic cleansing" -Situation in Kosovo and recent events in Macedonia - UN preventive peacekeeping forces in Macedonia - Developments in Nagorno-Karabakh - CSCE Conference - Support for UN and CSCE principles and steps taken by the CSCE - Efforts to convene CSCE Conference in Minsk - Democratization process in Georgia - CSCE mission to area - Georgian-Russian-Ossetian Peacekeeping Force - Conflict in Abkhazia - CSCE efforts in Moldova - Civil strife in Tajikistan - Withdrawal of foreign troops from the Baltic states - Arms control, disarmament and confidence building - Entry into force and completion of CFE Treaty baseline validation period - CSCE Forum for Security Cooperation - CSCE code of conduct in security field - START Treaty - Support for NPT - Achievement of draft Chemical Weapons Convention - Prevention of proliferation in areas of high risk - Conventional weapons transfers - Open Skies Treaty - Participation in NACC activities - Readiness to welcome Czech Republic and Slovak Republic as members of NACC - Finland's attendance as observer
02 Dec. 1994

Work Plan for Dialogue, Partnership and Cooperation 1994/1995 issued at the meeting of the North Atlantic Cooperation Council held at NATO Headquarters, Brussels

04 Jun. 1996

Chairman's Summary - Ministerial Meeting of the North Atlantic Cooperation Council, Berlin

29 May. 1997

Chairman's Summary of the Meetings of the NACC and the EAPC in Sintra, Portugal

31 May. 1995

Chairman's Summary of the meeting of the North Atlantic Cooperation Council

03 Dec. 1993

Work Plan for Dialogue, Partnership and Cooperation 1994

20 Dec. 1991

North Atlantic Cooperation Council Statement on Dialogue, Partnership and Cooperation

03 Dec. 1993

Summary of US-Sponsored Peacekeeping Workshop - Annex II to the Progress Report to Ministers of 3 Dec. 1993

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