Afghans look forward with optimism

  • 14 Nov. 2012 -
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  • Last updated: 14 Nov. 2012 17:06

A survey of more than 6,000 Afghanistan residents shows increasing security in the region has seen more Afghans look towards a positive future for their country.

The survey covered 34 provinces across the country and is the eighth annual national survey of the region held by US-based not-for-profit organization, “The Asia Foundation”.

Although the survey showed security in the region remained a deep concern for Afghan people, more than 52 per cent of respondents felt the country was now moving in the right direction - up from only 46 per cent last year.

Asia Foundation Deputy Country Representative, Abdullah Ahmadzai, said Afghan people remained both pessimistic and optimistic about security in the country and that this was the main driver for opinion about the future of the country.

But with security in the region improving, Mr Ahmadzai said the survey showed that Afghans were now becoming deeply concerned about many other areas of the country’s development.

"Afghans express deep-seated concerns for jobs, education, public services, political participation, and a better life," he said.

At the official launch of the 2012 survey in Kabul on 14 November, Mr Ahmadzai said the information collected was invaluable for decision makers both in local and international governments and thought the Asia Foundation survey to be the most credible source on the opinions of the Afghan population.

We think that this is the only reliable source of information both for the international community and the Afghan government,” he said.

Mr Ahmadzai hoped that by making information like this available the key decision makes steering the future of Afghanistan could better plan a long term vision.

We hope these findings help bridge the gap in understanding between the international community, the Afghan government, and local communities—dialogue necessary for Afghanistan’s long-term prospects,” he said.