New integrated NATO center supports the Alliance with improved approach to emerging security challenges and crisis

  • 04 May. 2012 -
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  • Last updated: 07 May. 2012 11:03

MONS, Belgium - Following the inauguration of the new Comprehensive Crisis and Operations Management Centre (CCOMC) early May 2012, the NATO Military Committee (MC) visited SHAPE and the CCOMC premises, today. The CCOMC is part of SHAPE's Transition Program, and it will contribute to deliver a more flexible and agile Alliance, ready to respond to 21st Century crises, in a more and more effective way.

120504 - NATO Military Committee visit CCOMC. Picture by Sgt Emily Langer (DEU-Army)

The MC, led by its chairman Gen Knud Bartels, was welcome by Admiral James Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander Europe, who highlighted during his presentation the support received by NATO HQ and nations in bringing to life this new initiative: "We are going to see this 21st Century facility that we have put together with your help, which I appreciate deeply."

Heads of States and Governments decided at the Lisbon Summit in 2010 that the changing global environment required NATO to enhance its contribution to a comprehensive approach to crisis management, as part of the international community's effort, and to improve NATO's ability to deliver stabilization and reconstruction effects.

In the heart of this enhanced approach to crisis operations management is the CCOMC, a new organization divided in five task groups focusing on Crisis Identification, Current Operations, Estimations and Options, Response Direction and Crisis Review.

"With this organization and facility we have the ability to sense, to connect with international actors, and analyze situations to be ready when our leaders call on us to begin planning," said Stavridis.

With its main concept being 'Think, Plan, and Act strategically', the centre will collaborate and cooperate in a joined up and integrated manner, bringing together military and civilian expertise, and connecting SHAPE Headquarters to the networked world. The current phase of Early Operating Capability will be followed by the Full Activation phase, scheduled mid-2013.

Concluding the visit, Gen. Bartels praised the initiative as "NATO's Military Eye on the world that, as an integral part of SHAPE, will allow NATO and its members to be more and better prepared to prevent escalation of situations into crises."