Nomination of IBAN new Board Member, Mr. Karlo van den Akker

  • 01 May. 2020 -
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  • Last updated: 20 Jul. 2020 12:25

Karlo van den Akker, born in 1964 in Rijen, the Netherlands joined the Dutch Royal Military Academy in 1983. After having finished the Military Academy he became an officer and served in several units of brigade and division level. In 1994 he started the postgraduate education on Accountancy at the University of Amsterdam and obtained his degree in 1997. During the education he was seconded by the Ministry of Defense to the audit firm KPMG.

After graduating from the University of Amsterdam he returned to the military and conducted several positions as a controller and as an auditor. These positions were fulfilled both at peacetime and during missions abroad. After finishing the battalion commander’s course he commanded a signal unit and after that he served as controller of the (NL) Army, Joint Force Command Brunssum and of the (NL) Chief of Defense. Before he came to the International Board of Auditors for NATO in May 2020 as a Board Member, he worked as Audit Manager for the Ministries of General Affairs and Defense within the Central Government Audit Service.