Chairman of the NATO Military Committee praises France’s significant contributions to Collective Defence

  • 04 May. 2016 -
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  • Last updated: 09 May. 2016 14:40

While in France (2 - 4 May 2016), General Petr Pavel, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee met with the Chief of Defence of the French Armed Forces, General Pierre de Villiers and staff of the Centre for Planning and Conduct of Operations (CPCO), General Christophe Gomart, Head of French Military Intelligence, Vice-Admiral Jean Casabianca, Chief of the Military Staff to the Minister of Defence, Mr. Nicolas de Rivière, Director General of Political Affairs and Security in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Mr. Claude Bartolone, President of the National Assembly, and with the Commission of Defence and Foreign Affairs of the Senate.

Speaking with General de Villiers on NATO’s long term military adaptation and key deliverables in the run up to the Warsaw Summit, the Chairman used the occasion to commend France for the key role it plays in global security. “From Mali and the Sahel to Iraq, French forces are helping to make our world safer. Your experience of training and operating alongside Allies but also Partners is highly valued”, said General Pavel. During the frank exchange of views, the Chairman was also made aware of the high level of deployment of French forces currently engaged in countering internal and external security threats.

In meetings with General Christophe Gomart and Vice Admiral Casabianca, General Pavel discussed NATO’s enhanced presence in the East, the security threats emanating from NATO’s southern Flank and how best to enhance cooperation with Partners in the region and build their defence capacities. “France has an important role in fighting terrorism, in the coalition against ISIL but also in the Sahel and Central African Republic. It has increased its sharing of analysis, information and intelligence in order to help Nations stay safe from threats emanating from any direction”, stated the Chairman.  

Addressing Senate members, General Pavel focused on shared security challenges from the East and the South, NATO’s plans and its capabilities to respond. Speaking on the way forward, the Chairman emphasized that “NATO will need to focus on the balance of defence, deterrence, and dialogue at Warsaw and that it is a 360 degree Alliance, ready to face any foe, anywhere, any time.”