Генеральный секретарь НАТО – военнослужащим ИСАФ: «Вы сильно изменили ситуацию»

  • 07 Nov. 2014 -
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В то время, когда НАТО готовится к завершению миссии ИСАФ в конце года, Генеральный секретарь НАТО Йенс Столтенберг встретился с военнослужащими ИСАФ на юге, западе и севере Афганистана, чтобы поблагодарить их за самоотверженную службу за последние тринадцать лет. В ходе визитов в Кандагар, Герат и Мазари-Шариф г-н Столтенберг сказала военнослужащим мужчинам и женщинам, а также гражданскому персоналу из 50 стран ИСАФ: «Вы действительно изменили ситуацию. Вы помогли Афганистану продвинуться далеко вперед».

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visits Train, Advise and Assist Command (TAAC) West in Herat

In Herat and Mazar-e-Sharif, Mr Stoltenberg took part in remembrance ceremonies for the fallen. He said, "I have come here to pay particular tribute to all those who gave their lives in the course of their duties. We honour their sacrifice. We keep in our thoughts those who have been injured. And we are grateful to all your families."

The Secretary General was briefed by ISAF commanders in each region on the progress of the security transition. He said ISAF had helped build up capable Afghan forces, ready to take full charge of the country's security at the end of the year, had played a vital role in making a better future for Afghanistan possible and had made our nations safer.

From January 1, NATO will lead a new mission, called Resolute Support, to train, advise and assist the Afghan National Security Forces. Allies and partner nations will also contribute to the financial sustainment of the Afghan forces. 

Mr Stoltenberg stressed that NATO remained committed to a long-term partnership with Afghanistan. During his three-day trip to the country, he was thanked by President Ghani and Chief Executive Officer Dr Abdullah for the role played by ISAF, and reassured that the national unity government will keep its commitments to deliver better governance, fight corruption, and expand progress on human rights, including the rights of women.