Allies enhance NATO air-policing duties in Baltic States, Poland, Romania

  • 29 Apr. 2014 -
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  • Last updated: 30 Apr. 2014 13:25

Fighter jets from Poland, the United Kingdom, Denmark and France take over NATO air policing duties over the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania on Thursday (1 May 2014) as part of enhanced collective defence measures agreed to by Allies earlier this month.

Canadian jets left Canada on Tuesday (29 April) for deployment to Romania as part of the NATO efforts to reassure Allies in Central and Eastern Europe.

A ceremony is planned on Wednesday ( 30 April 2014) at the Siauliai airbase in Lithuania when the United States will hand over responsibility for the mission to Poland, the United Kingdom Denmark and France.

The four countries will officially take over the task on Thursday (1 May 2014). The United States led the mission from 1 January to 30 April 2014. Poland will lead the mission and provide four MiG-29 aircraft. They will be backed up by four British Typhoon jets. The Polish and British aircraft will operate out of Siauliai airbase in Lithuania.

Four Danish F-16 jets will start patrols from Amari airbase in neighboring Estonia. In addition, four French Rafale jets will operate out of the Malbork airbase in Poland. The four Allies will conduct air policing duties for a four month period.

The six Canadian CF-18 fighter aircraft will be based in Romania as part of the NATO efforts to reassure Allies in Central and Eastern Europe.

For the past ten years, NATO member states have taken turns sending fighter aircraft to police the airspace of the Baltic States as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania do not have fighter jets of their own. NATO’s air-policing mission protects the safety and integrity of Alliance airspace on a 24/7 basis and Allies take up the patrols for a four-month rotation. Allies have traditionally deployed four fighter jets for their rotation, however, NATO increased its presence with additional jets after the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine.