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29 Jun. 2020 200629-marcom.jpg, 37.17KB

NATO’s anti-submarine warfare exercise begins off coast of Iceland

NATO exercise ‘Dynamic Mongoose’ kicked off on Monday (29 June 2020) off the coast of Iceland. Naval forces from Canada, France, Germany, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States are participating in the exercise, with Iceland providing logistical support. Dynamic Mongoose will involve five submarines, five ships and five maritime patrol aircraft. The submarines will take turns hunting and being hunted, closely coordinating their efforts with the air and surface participants.
26 Jun. 2020 200629-covid19.jpg, 44.22KB

Coronavirus response: Bosnia and Herzegovina benefits from further Allied assistance against global pandemic

On 26 June 2020, personnel from NATO Headquarters/Sarajevo and the US Armed Forces delivered protective equipment and disinfectant to the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to strengthen the Sarajevo International Airport capacity to run safe air operations, against the COVID-19 pandemic.
29 Jun. 2020 200629a-003.jpg - Poland provides medical aid to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan to tackle Global Pandemic, 56.52KB

Coronavirus response: Poland provides medical aid to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan to tackle global pandemic

As part of Allied solidarity and support to NATO members and partner countries, Poland has recently delivered critical medical assistance to Georgia, consisting of around 6,800 protective face shields and 5,400 litres of disinfectant detergent for hands and surface equipment, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
27 Jun. 2020 200627a-002.jpg - RAF flights take UK aid-funded supplies to Africa to tackle coronavirus, 55.64KB

Coronavirus response: The United Kingdom flies medical equipment to West Africa following UN call for support

A UK Royal Air Force C-17 cargo aircraft departed for Accra, Ghana on Saturday (27 June 2020), carrying materials for the construction of a field hospital. This facility will be used for frontline aid workers in the region, to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.
26 Jun. 2020 180705-children-conflict2.jpg, 54.85KB

NATO stands with the international community to better protect conflict-affected children

“NATO has long recognized that protecting children in conflict is an important aspect of any comprehensive strategy to resolve conflict and a key component of durable peace and security,” Ms Clare Hutchinson, NATO High Level Focal Point for Children and Armed Conflict, noted on Tuesday (23 June 2020) in her written address to the United Nations Security Council open debate on Children and Armed Conflict.
26 Jun. 2020 200626-cwix20.jpg, 27.09KB

NATO exercise helps improve interoperability for 22 nations across 10 time zones

The Coalition Warrior exercise - NATO’s largest interoperability event - drew to a successful close on Thursday (25 June 2020). The exercise, which took place virtually this year, saw participants log in from test sites in San Diego on the US West Coast all the way to Ankara, Turkey.
26 Jun. 2020 200626-sg-esper.jpg, 42.08KB

Secretary General welcomes US Secretary of Defense to NATO HQ for talks

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper to NATO Headquarters on Friday (26 June 2020). They had discussions to follow up the decisions taken by NATO Defence Ministers last week on issues including the Russian missile threat, NATO’s response to COVID-19, and the Alliance’s missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.
26 Jun. 2020 200626-estonia.jpg, 52.02KB

Coronavirus response: Estonia provides critical aid to Georgia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Ukraine

Estonia has recently delivered medical supplies to Georgia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Ukraine, as part of multiple Allied efforts to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
25 Jun. 2020 200626-eadrcc-ukr.jpg, 44.38KB

Floods in Western Ukraine

On 25 June the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) received a request for international assistance from Ukraine. Huge floods in Western Ukraine have caused significant damage to critical infrastructure and threaten human lives. Thus far, the floods destroyed 110 km of road infrastructure and 90 bridges.
25 Jun. 2020 200626-jagello-dsg3.jpg, 24.51KB

Deputy Secretary General Geoană at Jagello Conference: Health and economic downturn should not become a security crisis

Deputy Secretary General Mircea Geoană delivered a virtual address to the Jagello Security Conference on Thursday (25 June 2020) and commended the Czech Republic for its generous support to Allies during the COVID-19 pandemic, including with donations of medical equipment to Italy, Spain, and North Macedonia.

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