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31 Oct. 2019 190306-ukraine-nato.jpg - 190306-ukraine-nato.jpg , 20.17KB

Statement of the NATO-Ukraine Commission - Kyiv, 31 October 2019

02 Dec. 2014 141202d-010.jpg - Meetings of the Foreign Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels - Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC), 39.24KB

NATO stands with Ukraine, steps up practical support

NATO Foreign Ministers on Tuesday (2 December 2014) stated their political and practical support for Ukraine as its new government embarks on key reforms. “We remain committed to assisting Ukraine speed up reforms and we are enhancing our support so that Ukraine can better provide for its own security,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said after a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC).
27 Feb. 2014 140227-sg-or-nuc.jpg - 140227-sg-or-nuc.jpg, 33.99KB

NATO-Ukraine Commission stresses continued engagement

A meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC) on Thursday (27 February 2014) stressed the commitment of its members to the values of democracy and the rule of law. The meeting was a timely opportunity for Allies to discuss the momentous events in Ukraine.
22 Feb. 2013 130222d-024.jpg - Meetings of the NATO Defence Ministers in Brussels - Meeting with non-NATO ISAF Contributing Nations, 84.24KB

Defence Ministers make progress on improving capabilities; take stock of ISAF mission

Defence Ministers took concrete steps to improve Allied capabilities and interoperability and assessed the progress made in Afghanistan during their two-day talks which wrapped up on Friday 22 February.
15 Apr. 2011 110415c-010.jpg - Meeting of NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC), 51.80KB

Foreign Ministers focus on broader NATO-Ukraine cooperation

In a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC), NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs welcomed today the presence of Minister Konstyantyn Gryshchenko in Berlin as a clear sign of Ukraine’s policy of engagement with the Alliance.
03 Dec. 2009 091203f-003 Meetings of the Foreign Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels - Opening Session of the NATO-Ukraine Council (NUC), 68.09KB

Consultations with Ukraine kick-off ministerial meetings

The NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC) meeting at the level of Foreign Ministers has opened a series of ministerial sessions at NATO HQ in Brussels on 3 December 2009.
21 Aug. 2009 090820a-004 Signing of the NATO-Ukraine charter amendments, 54.72KB

NATO and Ukraine strengthen their cooperation

NATO and Ukraine took their relationship to a higher level by the signing of a “Declaration to Complement the Charter on a Distinctive Partnership between NATO and Ukraine” at NATO Headquarters on 21 August. The document was signed by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and by Ukrainian Ambassador to NATO Ihor Sagach on behalf of the Ukrainian President.
05 Mar. 2009 North Atlantic Council Meetings at Foreign Minister Level at NATO Headquarters, Brussels - NATO Ukraine Council (NUC), 54.61KB

Consultations with Ukraine

After the working lunch of the North Atlantic Council with Invitees, Allied ministers held a session of the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC). The Ukrainian delegation was led by the Acting Foreign Minister Volodymyr Khandogiy.
03 Dec. 2008 Foreign Ministers Meetings - Brussels - NATO - Georgia Council (NGC) with Invitees, 61.22KB

Allies discuss relations with Ukraine and Georgia and send a signal to Russia

As tasked by the Heads of State and Government in Bucharest, Allied Ministers discussed progress made by Ukraine and Georgia towards meeting membership requirements and discussed best ways to assist with their reforms.
13 Jun. 2008

NATO-Ukraine Commission defence ministers meet

Ukrainian Defence Minister Yuriy Yekhanurov met Allied defence ministers at NATO Headquarters on 13 June. Discussions in the NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC) focused on Ukraine's progress in implementing defence and security sector reforms as well as Ukraine's contribution to security and stability.

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