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18 May. 2022 220518-neptune.jpg - NATO begins vigilance activity NEPTUNE SHIELD 2022, 45.06KB

US carrier group, amphibious assault ship placed under NATO command

The USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier strike group and other US naval vessels have come under NATO command as part of a series of major military drills in the Baltic, Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas.
13 May. 2022 220513-exercises.jpg, 38.08KB

Long-planned NATO exercises across Europe get underway

Troops from NATO Allies and partners are taking part in a series of long-planned military exercises stretching from the High North to the Balkans to enhance the readiness and interoperability of NATO forces.
12 May. 2022 220512-coe-conf-dasg.jpg, 60.02KB

The intelligence and security Centres of Excellence meet at NATO HQ to strengthen cooperation with the Alliance

On 12 May 2022, the Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence Major General Jürgen Brötz hosted the third Annual Conference with the intelligence and security related Centres of Excellence (COEs). The fourteen centres met with NATO’s intelligence and security community, discussing ongoing work strands and future opportunities for cooperation. The meeting took place in person at NATO HQ following the COE Marketplace, bringing together a vibrant community of diverse stakeholders.
05 May. 2022 220505-ims-jfc-norfolk.jpg, 58.89KB

JFC Norfolk Commander briefs Military Committee on security trends in the North Atlantic and Arctic regions

On 5 May 2022 Vice Admiral Daniel W. Dwyer, Commander of Joint Force Command Norfolk (JFC Norfolk), briefed the NATO Military Committee on the current activities and future objectives of the Command. The mission of JFC Norfolk is to protect the Strategic Lines of Communication across all domains, protect sea-lanes between Europe and North America, and enable the reinforcement of Europe.
29 Apr. 2022 220429-marcom.jpg, 44.53KB

NATO maritime groups train with Finland and Sweden

Ships from Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 (SNMCMG1) and Standing NATO Maritime Group One (SNMG1) are currently in the Baltic Sea to exercise and conduct port visits in Finland and Sweden.
28 Apr. 2022 220428-sg-eu.jpg - NATO Secretary General meets European Parliament leaders, 114.65KB

NATO Secretary General meets with European Parliament leaders

On Thursday (28 April 2022) NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg visited the European Parliament in Brussels to meet President Roberta Metsola and the conference of presidents of the seven political groups in the Parliament. This is the first time that a NATO Secretary General has met with the group of European Parliament party leaders.
25 Apr. 2022 220425-shape-cyber-exercise.jpg, 88.80KB

NATO Allies and partners participate in large-scale cyber defence exercise

From 19-22 April NATO Allies and partners participated in Exercise Locked Shields 2022, the largest and most complex international live-fire cyber defence exercise in the world.
25 Apr. 2022 220425-ac-italy-support.jpg, 52.62KB

Italy supports NATO Air Policing with F-35A deployment to Iceland

A detachment of modern F-35A fighter jets and personnel from the Italian Air Force is set to deploy to Iceland for two months to support NATO's Air Policing efforts in the High North.
14 Apr. 2022 20220411_finnish_F-18.jpg, 26.28KB

Allies practise air interoperability with Finland and Sweden

NATO Allies and partners Finland and Sweden, have had a week of intensive cooperation in the skies over Estonia in the just-concluded exercise Ramstein Alloy. The regular NATO exercise focused on real-world scenarios faced by NATO’s Air Policing personnel deployed in the Baltic region.
05 Apr. 2022 220322a-010.jpg, 94.13KB

Dispatch from the field - exercise Cold Response 2022 wraps up in Norway

What was life like for troops on the ground during one of the largest Allied military exercises of 2022?

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