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26 Jun. 2020 200626-sg-esper.jpg, 42.08KB

Secretary General welcomes US Secretary of Defense to NATO HQ for talks

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper to NATO Headquarters on Friday (26 June 2020). They had discussions to follow up the decisions taken by NATO Defence Ministers last week on issues including the Russian missile threat, NATO’s response to COVID-19, and the Alliance’s missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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Secretary General at Brussels Forum: As the World is Changing, NATO is Changing

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg spoke at the German Marshall Fund’s Brussels Forum on Tuesday (23 June 2020), addressing issues ranging from arms control to plans for a second wave of COVID-19. He said, “NATO has to be able to defend all Allies against any threat from any direction." He continued, "that one of the purposes of NATO 2030, is to make sure that we adapt, that we change as we see the world is changing.”
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NATO Ministers of Defence meet to discuss global challenges

NATO Defence Ministers will meet by secure video conference tomorrow (17 June 2020) and Thursday (18 June 2020). This two-day meeting will address plans for a second wave of the coronavirus, as well as other key issues such as resilience, missions and operations, and deterrence and defence.
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NATO Defence Ministers agree response to Russian missile challenge, address missions in Afghanistan and Iraq

NATO Defence Ministers met by secure video conference on Wednesday (17 June 2020), making decisions to strengthen the Alliance’s deterrence and defence. In response to Russia’s growing arsenal of nuclear-capable missiles, Allies agreed a balanced package of political and military measures, including strengthened air and missile defence, advanced conventional capabilities, intelligence, exercises, and steps to keep NATO’s nuclear deterrent safe, secure and effective.
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NATO navies and air forces exercise in the Baltic Sea

Around 3,000 personnel from 19 NATO Allies and partners are taking part in the annual BALTOPS naval exercise that kicked off in the Baltic Sea on Sunday (7 June 2020). The 49th BALTOPS exercise, which runs until 16 June, involves maritime and air forces with around 30 ships and submarines, and 30 aircraft. The training includes air defence, anti-submarine warfare, maritime interdiction and mine countermeasure operations.
22 May. 2020 200522-nac1.jpg, 25.81KB

Statement by the NATO Secretary General on the Open Skies Treaty

NATO Allies met today to discuss the Open Skies Treaty. We are firmly committed to the preservation of effective international arms control, disarmament, and non-proliferation. We all agree that all states party to the Open Skies Treaty must fully implement their commitments and obligations. All NATO Allies are in full compliance with all provisions of the Treaty.
11 May. 2020 20200130_JensStoltenberg-18.jpg - NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, 40.46KB

Germany’s support for nuclear sharing is vital to protect peace and freedom - Op-ed article by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

This op-ed article was originally published by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on 11 May 2020.
16 Apr. 2020 200416-dsg-ata-videoconf.jpg - DSG ATA videoconf, 49.02KB

NATO Deputy Secretary General addresses COVID-19 response with Atlantic Council

NATO Deputy Secretary General, Mircea Geoană, explained how NATO is supporting Allies in the fight against COVID-19 during an online event held by the Atlantic Council with the NATO Public Diplomacy Division today (16 April 2020). Speaking at the event by video conference, he said, “Our DNA is crisis management, command and control, efficiency and logistics, and putting together in critical moments the pieces that can make an alliance work in times of distress.”
05 Mar. 2020 200305-npt-anniv.jpg, 39.22KB

NATO Declassified: Documents related to the Non-Proliferation Treaty are publicly disclosed

March 5, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the entry into force of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).
24 Feb. 2020 200221-ims.jpg, 57.74KB

The NATO Military Committee visits Strategic Allied and NATO assets in Italy

From 19 to 21 February, the NATO Military Committee and its Chairman, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach visited Italy. The three-day visit included visits to the Poggio Renatico Air Base, the NATO Defense College and the NATO Joint Force Command in Naples.

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