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NATO Foreign Ministers reaffirm support for Ukraine as two-day meeting concludes

NATO Foreign Ministers ended their two-day meeting on Wednesday (2 December 2015) by confirming the Alliance’s continued political and practical support for Ukraine. In a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission, Allied ministers and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin reviewed the current security situation, and the progress of NATO’s assistance for the country.
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Alliance invites Montenegro to start accession talks to become member of NATO

NATO Foreign Ministers decided on Wednesday (2 December 2015) to invite Montenegro to start accession talks to become the 29th member of the Alliance. Secretary General hailed the decision as “historic.” He said; “this is a good day for Montenegro, a good day for the Western Balkans and a good day for the Alliance.”
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NATO Foreign Ministers address challenges to the south, agree new hybrid strategy and assurance measures for Turkey

NATO Foreign Ministers took steps to further the Alliance’s adaptation to security challenges from the south on Tuesday (1 December 2015). The ministers reviewed the progress of the global coalition against ISIL, measures taken since the terrorist attacks in Paris, and the Vienna talks to find a political solution to the conflict in Syria.
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NATO Secretary General welcomes deepening cooperation and dialogue with Finland and Sweden

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Finland and Sweden’s important political and practical contributions to NATO in talks with Finnish Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Timo Soini and Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström on Tuesday (1 December 2015). The meeting took place in the margins of NATO’s Foreign Ministerial.
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NATO activates new Multinational Division Southeast headquarters in Bucharest

NATO and Romanian Ministry of Defense representatives activated the Multinational Division Southeast headquarters in Bucharest, Romania today (1 December 2015), marking its official integration into the NATO command structure. The new, high-readiness headquarters will be able to command forces deployed within NATO’s southeast region, supporting the defence of the Alliance. It will also be a hub for regional cooperation among Allies. The headquarters is designated to have 280 personnel.
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Senior NATO military officials visit Finland

Deputy Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Lt Gen Mark O. Schissler and Director General of the International Military Staff, Air Marshal Sir Christopher Harper attended a Joint Fires live firing exercise while visiting Finland (25-27 November 2015).
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Logo for 2016 NATO Warsaw Summit unveiled

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, together with Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski on Tuesday (1 December 2015) unveiled the official logo for the NATO summit in Warsaw which will take place on 8-9 July next year.
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Foreign Ministers agree to sustain NATO’s presence in Afghanistan, launch funding for Afghan forces

NATO Foreign Ministers today (1 December 2015) agreed a plan to sustain the NATO training mission in Afghanistan during 2016 and started work to secure funding for Afghan national security forces until the end of 2020.
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NATO Foreign Ministers Day One: focus on Afghanistan, challenges to the south, relations with Russia

Discussions on the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan, challenges the Alliance faces to the south and relations with Russia are the focus of the first day of the NATO Foreign Ministers meeting on Tuesday (1 December 2015) Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told media at a doorstep press point just ahead of the start of the ministerial.
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NATO engages with the scientific community in Italy

Scientists and experts from Italy and NATO partner countries helped to raise awareness of the Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme and presented SPS activities in the area of cyber security and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) defence during an SPS Information Day.

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