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20 May. 2016 160520a-002.jpg - Meeting of the Foreign Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels - Resolute Support Meeting , 79.07KB

Foreign Ministers agree to sustain NATO-led mission in Afghanistan beyond 2016

Foreign Ministers from the nations participating in Resolute Support agreed today (20 May 2016) to sustain the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan beyond 2016 in a sign of strong commitment to the stability of the country.
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NATO and European Union plan to take cooperation to the next level

Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg opened Friday’s (20 May 2016) meetings of NATO Foreign Ministers by stressing the need for closer cooperation with the European Union. Speaking alongside High Representative Federica Mogherini, Mr. Stoltenberg called the two organisations “unique partners”, working closely to support partners and fight illegal trafficking in the Aegean Sea. At the Warsaw Summit, NATO and the EU aim for a joint statement on cooperation, new “playbooks” on fighting hybrid threats, and a programme of NATO and EU exercises. The Secretary General concluded: “we need to take our cooperation to a high level, and that is exactly what we are working on now.”
19 May. 2016 160519e-008.jpg - Meeting of the Foreign Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels - Offcial Group photo with Montenegro, 72.43KB

Foreign Ministers agree NATO must do more to project stability in its neighbourhood

Foreign Ministers agreed on Thursday (19 May 2016) that NATO should do more to project stability beyond the Alliance’s borders. While stressing that NATO must retain the ability to deploy combat forces when needed, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said “we must also do more to train up local forces, to secure their own territory, and push back against extremist groups.” He underlined that such efforts are important for “preserving security here at home”.
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NATO Foreign Ministers sign Accession Protocol with Montenegro

Today, NATO Foreign Ministers signed the Accession Protocol for Montenegro, marking a historic step in Montenegro’s path to the Alliance. Speaking at a joint press conference with Montenegrin Prime Minister Djukanovic, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg underlined that today’s decision is “a clear sign that NATO’s door remains open for partners that share and promote our values.”
28 Apr. 2016 160428-cmc-sweden.jpg - 160428-cmc-sweden.jpg , 67.41KB

Chairman of the NATO Military Committee in Sweden to discuss regional security and NATO-Swedish military cooperation

During his visit to Sweden (27 & 28 April), the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, General Pavel met with Swedish Minister of Defence, Mr. Peter Hultqvist and Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, General Micael Bydén to discuss regional security challenges and opportunities for enhanced military cooperation. The Chairman also had the opportunity to observe the Combined Joint Staff Exercise 2016 (CJSE 16) and visit the Life Guards Regiment, the Swedish Armed Forces International Centre and the Nordic Centre for Gender in Military Operations.
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NATO Foreign Ministers to set the stage for the Warsaw Summit

NATO Foreign Ministers are meeting in Brussels on Thursday (19 May 2016) to begin two days of talks on key issues, setting the stage for the Warsaw Summit in July. Today, Ministers will take a historic step by signing the Accession Protocol with Montenegro. “As of today, Montenegro will have a seat at NATO’s table, taking part in all our meetings as an observer,” said Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Ministers will also consider how best to project stability beyond NATO’s borders, relations with Russia, the future of the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan, and stepping up cooperation with the European Union.

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